Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perks: the perks of being a Qiagen employee || reward yourself with these perks from JobsDB SG's Industry Focus

The purpose of Industry Focus is to give job seekers information on the different fields in the country -- it is to help them find the field that fits their preferences and lifestyle to a T. Singapore aims to lessen instances of job dissatisfaction with that. And we think, the section is doing its job well so far. Although interviewing professionals from different fields can be hard work, we strive to come up with quality industry focus articles week per week for that noble purpose. As of present, we've already published articles for 27 different industries, including Admin & HR, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Government, Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Sport and Recreation, and Tourism.

Back at, a new article has just been added to the Medical & Life Sciences section. Looking to build your career in the field of medicine? Reading this article about QIAGEN, one of the world's leading providers of molecular diagnostic solutions for human and veterinary disease detection can help you formulate good strategies for career success. Michael Koenig, the Director Life Science, East Asia & General Manager, South East Asia at Qiagen shared with JobsDB SG some of the perks of being a Qiagen employee. Here's the interview's highlight:

Our Question: How does QIAGEN invest in staff development and welfare?

Michael's Answer: Technical and skills training is an important component of the QIAGEN culture - we call it "investing in you". Providing opportunities and leaving enough personal freedom for development and ongoing coaching and mentoring are key to successfully bringing an organization to the next level. Any organization is only as good as its people. As a global company we also offer a wide range of global training and development opportunities. These include leadership and Executive MBA programs.

In terms of welfare, enabling a healthy work/life balance is important. We also believe that prevention is better than a cure (we are after all a diagnostics company). We take our mandate of providing life saving and improving technologies to all people all over the world very seriously. This, of course, includes our employees. For example, QIAGEN facilitates regular health screening to all employees as well as free flu vaccinations.

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