Friday, April 30, 2010

Ways to ruin a job interview

Of course, we're using reverse psychology here. And sarcasm. We've always been clear on our stand regarding job interviews; for those of you who are new to this blog, we can assure you, that stand is not the least bit related to the title of today's commentary. Our past commentaries on the subject matter, all of them, go along the ideas of preparation, punctuality, dressing to impress and the likes.

A successful job interview comes with preparation. But, there are some things that although unimportant in general essence, can blow up your chances of acing that interview. Take this a job interview advice to avoid those "things."

Be late and expect the interviewer to show a great deal of un-interest during the interview. That's one. This is kind of self explanatory. Companies put a great deal on punctuality.

Do not turn that cellphone off, distract your interviewer and you'll see him making negative notes on your resume. Job interviews are all about communication. Your goal is to communicate all your best qualities to the interviewer. Something ringing all of a sudden can be a great distraction to that affair.

Show off those piercings and tattoos and see your interviewer cringe upon meeting. You know, there's an unwritten rulebook for job interviews that companies expect their candidates to follow: one entry is to dress as professionally as you can. Even though the company you're applying for is semi-casual, you're expected to dress up professionally for the interview. Such fashion statements are not corporate at all so cover them for a while.

Share too much personal information and you'll have your interviewer cut you off in a not so nice way. It's true that job interviews are getting-to-know activities. But stories about your pet dog or how you got sunburned last summer wouldn't boost your professional qualification, would they? Do not cross the line.

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