Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of Supervisors and Getting Recognized Singapore talks about job advancement in terms of getting moral and financial recognition.

Lack of proper recognition is one reason for job dissatisfaction. You think you have a healthy career but you're not getting the proper recognition for every of your job well done; you enjoy your work yet you feel a strong sense of discontent. If you believe you carry the symptoms of this corporate illness, you can raise your profile without being too pushy by gathering feedback, from your boss to your co-workers.

Many times supervisors do not state their expectations flat out. Now is the time to ask yours about his goals and principles to see if they match with your own. They say that opposites attract; but the case is not the least bit like that in the corporate world. What is good for you may not even be close to a satisfactory for him. You need to be the one to adjust. And you won't get any valuable information unless you initiate a conversation to clear things out.

Supervisors like to be stoic, but they will give hints about what type of work makes them happy when you ask them to. For feedbacks, the best thing to do is to start asking around your office. This is also an excellent way to get yourself known within the company.

Also, keep your eyes open. This will help you be the among first ones to react for changes if such are needed. Supervisors like suggestions whether they are positive or not.

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