Monday, April 12, 2010

We're going all out: great reads, job updates, career workshops and more.

First order of business:

The last economic quarter was all about improvements. But despite that, many are still experiencing tough times in their job search -- even those specializing in Accounting, Banking & Finance, Call Center, Engineering, and Information Technology (which can be considered the stablest industries in the country). But don't get us wrong, we're not giving up with providing career resources e.g. job updates, career articles, etc to those who need such services just because there seems to be no way out for the situation. That's just not us. We see the silver lining in every dark cloud and we're very active in producing materials to spark some hope. Singapore is all about exposing every possible resource there is for job seekers to help them achieve their own versions of career success.

The original plan was to post our newest books suggestions for today. We'll still be doing that here, but we're going to offer more, hence our "going all out" title. has great seminars in store for the coming days -- We were just reminded by our ever reliable calendar. we'll be revealing what this seminar is here. Plus, we've just received new job postings that are so exciting they ought to be seen in another place other than our already popular database.

Great, right? We're not planing to extend these introductory words anymore. Here it goes:


From time to time, we recommend good books in this blog of ours. Not that we're requiring you to have these, but here are some more that we think could do wonders to your job search.

1) “Building Character: Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership”. We know, we've already mentioned this book before, in a post about career development. Why mention it again? The book is also something job seekers could benefit from. Building character has loads of tips on building your personal brand. Having a personal brand is an advantage, right?

2) "The Secret Language of Business". How can a business book improve your job search? This book is not just about finance strategies, FYI. It contains great explanations on body language and other aspects of communication. Need we say more?

3) “The Levity Effect: Why it pays to lighten up” . Something to draw inspiration from. This is a book for managers in general terms, but reading it can inspire you to continue with your search even though it's "getting" nowhere. Remember, "it pays to lighten up".

SEMINARS! is all about helping professionals improve even more -- at this point, you should already know this fact by heart. Here's the newest from Singapore's training arm that you can add to your resume. While you're on the lookout for a stable post, attend ASSAP 2010 this coming April 20-23 . ASSAP 2010 will arm you with a complete package to help you gain the professional edge. Schedule is as follows:

20 Apr >> ASSAP 2010 : One-Day Conference - Gaining the Professional Edge
21 Apr >> ASSAP 2010 - Workshop A: Personal Excellence in the Workplace
22 Apr >> ASSAP 2010 - Workshop B: Think Smart, Work Smarter
23 Apr >> ASSAP 2010 - Workshop C: Time and Stress Management

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to


We know, we've started this article dull. So we might as well end it with something really good. Good news? Yes. New jobs have just been added to our database.

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