Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What to Wear on an Interview

There's something about job interviews that inspires us. But whatever that something is, it's not the least bit threatening, so don't worry. It tickles our fancy, hence improves our writing prowess. We know, we've already written tons of commentaries on job interviews (body language, self confidence, punctuality, anyone?) but we don't want to stop. Think we've already explained our take on every tip there is to improve job seekers' performance on job interviews? Apparently, we haven't yet. That'll probably happen next year, but not this year so expect more commentaries like this from Jobsdb.com Singapore for the months to come. Nevertheless, what are we discussing today? What to wear on such appointments.

Great performance comes with preparation -- that saying fits job interviews to a T. Prepare for what? Naturally, job seekers would choose to spend most of their preparation time researching about the company that invited them (and cheats for generic interview questions). We're not saying "don't do that", but we also want you to allot some time to think about what to wear at the event. You want to look "professional" enough for the company, more than anything else.

But of course, don't overdo. Remember, you are dressing to impress not to catch attention in a bad way. You want the interviewer to focus on what you have to say, not on your fashion statement (or the lack thereof). Here's our suggestions in bullet form for your convenience:

  • for both men and women: wear something you're comfortable with. a top that makes you feelm itchy or pants that are too tight will only pose as a distraction.
  • men should never overdress. go for a minimalist attire. the basic shirt and tie combo will do.
  • no to bright colors. you want to look as professional as possible. enough said.
  • for women: drop your favorite pair of big earrings for this. go for simple a simple pair on this event. pearls will be great.

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