Thursday, April 29, 2010

Job hunting can be likened to a sales job...

Yes, job hunting can be likened to a sales job: there we said it. We do not believe that they are like twins, though, like most of those who are fond of using the comparison. For us, in job hunting, the odds to face are tougher. To conquer the world of sales, creative stunts are enough to get the limelight moving to your base, not to mention every day is an opportunity for you. In the world of job hunting on the other hand, everything depends on how you market yourself during the limited times you get a chance to do so.

The best salesman wins the game, that is what they always say. But since job hunting is tougher than a sales job, put some extras to your marketing strategies. For instance, even though you already have acquired enough experience to be qualified for the job, show the employer that that is not stopping you from seeking more knowledge.

Here is another strategy: selling is all about charm. To employers, there is nothing like an experienced candidate with charm. But since the idea here is aggressiveness, we want you to develop a personal brand that will further your appeal. A personal brand with foundations on politeness, for instance, can make you a price catch.

We hope you are already getting the idea. For conventional sales strategies to work with your job hunting pursuits, you have to make their application more aggressive. Nevertheless, if you need more help, we have more Career Advice articles @ New job openings can be found @ Singapore
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