Monday, April 19, 2010

Of Grabbing Opportunities and ASSAP 2010

It's not everyday that great opportunities present themselves holding a "grab me, I'm good as free" sign right in front of you. That's why we believe that great opportunities mean compliance. There's no saying no when such things come your way.

Yes, you're right, we're writing our wisdom on opportunities here because we're about to present one that can be your way to career success. You know, we like doing that. And we suggest that you just give in to the offer. Ignoring it will be your loss.

Whether you are a job seeker looking to increase your chances of landing a job asap or a professional wanting to improve his qualifications, ASSAP® 2010 is an event that you shouldn't pass up on.

ASSAP® 2010 is specially designed for all the men and women who work so hard in today's changing offices. It's created for all the 'support staff' whose contributions to their teams and their organisations are of supreme importance. ASSAP® 2010 is particularly suitable for:

* Administrative Managers, Office Managers, Co-ordinators, Supervisors
* Secretaries, PAs and Executive Assistants
* Customer Service Executives
* Sales, Marketing, Accounts staff
* Clerical and Support Executives
* All other admin and support staff wishing to develop their skills
Top executives and job seekers are welcome to attend too.

ASSAP® 2010 will be giving tips on effective communication, time management, stress management, working smarter and more.

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to Singapore is all about opportunities. Great jobs are being added to our database on a daily basis. Let us take this chance to announce the industries that just received new jobs back @

Banking & Financial Services
Advertising/Public relations/Marketing Services
Tourism/Travel Agency
Information Technology Singapore
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