Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Steps to Becoming a Super-Employee // Part 2 of 3

There are no secrets to career success. Contrary to common notion, "super-employees", a.k.a career idols, just have three mottos.

Motto no. 2
I am confident about my writing.

To be a super-employee, you have to know how to put your words into paper properly. Today, e-mails are a principal way of communication; it is crucial to learn techniques that will help you to become a better writer.

You need a tremendous amount of will power in order to be a competitive business writer, however. But of course, if you're really serious about advancing your career into an unspeakable level, you won't find it hard to get motivated. Plus, there are lots of organizations that offer business writing seminars -- you have lots of resources to choose from. You don't have anything to complain about, really.

The best advice we can give you regarding this matter is to be patient. But You'll be able to learn business writing techniques much faster by scheduling your seminars based on this outline:

- the basics of business writing
- grammar
- sentence construction
- writing styles
- proofreading
offers seminars that can help you improve your technical writing skills, you might want to attend one:
Powerful Business Writing Skills
Report Writing Essentials
Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills
Writing Effective Minutes
Writing in Response to Complaints
Writing Proposals & Reports
Effective Technical Writing Skills

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