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Advice in career for students. About working while studying: Student work experience and being a working student.

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What do the experts say regarding working while studying? THERE. Is it bad? Not at all. The existence of the concepts of "student work experience" and "working student" should be enough to reason that answer out. So parents, there's nothing particularly dangerous about allowing your children to wrangle temp jobs while they're studying. For students who need to work to be able to afford their studying, here are tips to make the task easier.

The main benefit of getting student work experience through part time jobs, is that it'll put you on the priority list. For fresh graduate jobs, that is. It may be troublesome to function for school and a job at the same time, but doing so will give you a wider perspective on the business world and prepare you on what lies ahead after graduation. "I get to learn about interesting subjects such as basic law, international economics, IT, financial management, all of which I believe will be useful for me in the future when I enter the working world", Joanne Chua, a final year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic has said when we've interviewed her for Campus.

Christie Khoo, Managing Director of Recruit Strategy, believes that student work experience counts. "Take up service jobs. This is where you can learn about how to provide good customer service and add value to your job". Something to introduce you to the importance of career building and how troublesome job hopping can be. If you're interested, you can read more tips from Christie at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/career-mgt-advice.htm?ID=200.

What about managing work and studies? For those who need to finance their way though university, here's what the experts at Adecco Singapore have to say: "Try positive self-talks and rewarding system to overcome hurdles. A glittering bright future awaits you". Being able to accumulate years of experience as a professional even before graduating is nothing if not great for your personal brand. The qualification denotes a lot of things but the most prominent are "hardworking" and "professionalism". There's no such thing as a win-win situation in terms of career? Not necessarily. With techniques, you can balance your work and study lives just right. The experts at Adecco Singapore want you to take note of three keywords: time management, play time, and rewards.

Working and studying at the same time can only mean this: to-dos, lots of. To be able to deliver, it's imperative that you manage your time right. Every minute is important. Be able to work smoothly with a help of a planner. But of course, you shouldn't forbid yourself from relaxing and getting rewards altogether. "No matter how tight your schedule is, always leave a time slot for something you enjoy doing. This is an effective way to handle stress and rejuvenate yourself".

What's the best way to manage your tasks? A Gantt Chart, Adecco experts suggest. "Leave the unimportant and not urgent duties to the last". We've provided an illustration at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/Career%20Guide?ID=429.

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