Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get to the top! How to excel in your career. Six simple "be" pointers.

There seems to be a consensus of opinion that writing jobs can only mean two things: 'creativity' and 'stress', but we find ourselves prepared to cut it a bit of slack. While it's certainly true that writing about career is by no means an easy task, we don't see why our jobs can be considered more stressful than teaching jobs (or engineering jobs or accounting jobs or whichever... the analogy is yours to complete), if only because it gives us the freedom to rant about life and behold. A sick sort of 'being better than the other', we suppose. To begin with, as competitive the Singapore job market is, no job function can be considered easy in this side of the world.

Are we pressured? We'll be liars, if we say no. To come up with interesting and at the same time 'true' and 'informative' reads on a daily basis is certainly no walk in the park, but the conditions that 'unders' us make the responsibility manageable all the same. Writing is freedom of expression and blogging is free press, if nothing else. Just like teachers, we teach and have to watch our words closely to avoid misinterpretations on the part of our listeners, but the blogging premise isn't the least bit like your typical school admin. And it's not like we'll ever grow tired of making you laugh with our musings on happiness, misfortunes, and such. For one, we enjoy it and secondly, we've been doing this for years: you can say that we've developed a machine for producing instant quirks (also known as fillers) on our brains already. Plus the fact that, feeling good or not, there's always Career Advice to keep our brain juices flowing.

Make no mistake about it: writing about career may be challenging, but we love the job because it allows us to express without limits -- a fact that is, we admit, as depressing as it is good. Verbal diarrhea, folks? Just tell us if we're annoying you with the rants and need to shut up already.

Then again, our blog's about career, a realm with so many things to draw writing inspirations from. There's job hunting, resume writing, job interview skills, EQ competences, etc. You know what we like best about having this for work? The topic of career has many scopes. And even better, it's so open that we can tinker around with it with our own musings. The perfect topic for writers as talkative as us. Every time our editors feature a new article on Career Advice, we jump for joy and...

Okay, we've said too much already.

Those blabs aside, we're set to feature career building in general today. More specifically, we'll try to answer the question of 'How can you excel in your career?' Our editors back @ have spoken with Christina Yap, Consulting Director of Curriculum Vitae recently RE the topic. You wouldn't believe how happy we were upon being informed of this new feature on Career Advice. The perfect time to address another why-just-now shortcoming of ours, it is.

Christina has shared with us tips on how job seekers can maximize their chances to excel in their careers. Though Christina's tips are tailored for those who are still on the starting phase and also, career changers, working professionals are bound to benefit from following them too. Read between the lines and you'll see what we mean. Christina has six "be" pointers for you to remember. We've summarised them here for your reading convenience. Full article can be viewed @

  • Be patient. Good things come to those who wait, as they say. Make the most out of your current employer -- pay raises and promotions speak volumes. "Be sure to accumulate enough depth, knowledge, exposure, and significant achievement at your current workplace."
  • Be determined. We're haters of half-hearted work, you know that for sure. Since career building is no child's play (our favorite phrase as of present, really), you should always have the initiative to take action. "You must have a hunger to learn and a drive to push your personal limits. "
  • Be discerning. Do it for your goals, not money. "Real work experience and achievements are more valuable to a potential employer."
  • Be approachable. Two words: emotional intelligence. The ability to work in teams is a big asset in today's team-based environments. "Good EQ qualities to display at work include mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy." How would you rate yourself in this department? Attending EQ and You by Career Events this coming Oct 9 may benefit you big time.
  • Be resourceful. What we've said in the "be patient" pointer. "Every single job will be a golden job opportunity if you know how to make it work for you."
  • Be practical. Considering how competitive the Singapore job market has become, if a salary cut is needed, why not? Make the employer make the move. "It is always a plus when you outperform the expectations of your new job in the new industry. "
Like to share more "be" pointers? Use the comment section.

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