Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Resume writing FAQ: Is a reference section a must in a resume? Who should you put as a reference?

If you have any kind of online marketing background at all, there are two critical features a good blog must have. First is a pleasant design and second: good content. Posts the manage to be intellectual and funny at the same time are nothing if not engaging and they are the kinds to draw the reader into bookmarking the most. This isn't nit-picking –- it’s a demand that's no different than a leader insisting on specific details on an emergency situation. Writing preferences and grammar rules aside, no matter what language, a blog won't earn any kind of respect if it doesn't publish anything but spam links or isn't respectful to the codes of physical pleasantness as far as internet viewing is concerned.

Keeping this blog "good" on both accounts is a tough job, but we do it anyways. There ARE people who read what we right over here, for one (You're not going to hear us complain about "being alone in the world", anymore... we promise). Secondly, it's not like we don't have the resources to be able to come up with compelling posts. Though we're required to instigate a conversation with our dear readers on a daily basis, there isn't that much pressure because our editors back at do a good job in making updates. We have no reason to give in to laziness and slack off -- in restaurant lingo, we're booked months in advance.

Why are we so particular about our image? Other people's comments -- they matter too. Vanity aside, the fact that we represent a public service website should be enough for a reason. We know, you know: judgments are a constant of life. And they play a large part in the realm of career as well. Personal brand and public image: these are two things many career experts agree to be important in career development. It's equally important in job hunting in which one will be judged by the first impression he's made. It's very important for job hunters to always remember to dress professionally, speak straight, and pick the right references.

Currently job hunting? Allow us to emphasise the importance of the last part in your pursuit. Today, we're set to talk about references. Is a reference section a must in a resume? Who should you put as a reference? We've been asked these questions dozens of's about time we deliver (Okay, just let us go with our long introduction... it can't be helped).

Is a reference section really needed? Some career experts say yes, some say no. So it's a matter of employer preference. Don't include your list in your resume, but always keep the separate sheet ready. In case the employer asks for it, you've got something to give. As for who you should include, this:

The references section of your resume is not a phonebook in which you can write anyone you want. Your fate as a job applicant lies in the people you put there, to put it bluntly. The basic rule in choosing employment references is, "the more you know the person, the better". But, that's just the tip of the iceberg. What do we mean? A friend you have known since elementary may not be your best choice if you've never participated in any "professional" projects with him. Choose someone who knows you as a "professional", not as a "friend". It’s always best to choose former managers or supervisors for this.

What to do next is to ask these people if they are willing to provide you reference. There's nothing more damaging to an applicant than a reference who can't provide a giving answer. Doing this also gives you the opportunity to check if the reference's phone number is correct.

In job hunting, confidence and a good skills set are not enough. That's why we say, no good references, no callbacks. Only those who you've worked with in the past and are willing to back up your talents deserve a place in your references sheet. Singapore
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