Monday, September 20, 2010 Singapore's ingredients to success. More about career building.

Career building is not child's play, but this blog has never been harsh for a reason. We don't want to sentence you with more pressure, that's why. Frustration is toxic in the realm of career, if nothing else, and we don't want our followers to catch the disease. As bloggers, it's our job to keep our readers well informed with what's happening on the Singapore job market as well as entertained. We make references to our severe sentimentality once in a while for instance and sometimes even, use slapstick despite its being an awkward fit to a blog for career to achieve the purpose. If you pay attention, you should know.

It's not that no one notices our efforts and this is a desperate call for some appreciation from you guys. Our mailbox and this blog are linked to each other: we know we're being read because we keep on receiving mails. What you want us to write about career development, we make it a point to deliver as soon as possible. If it's not possible to make way (this blog's booked months in advance, we remember mentioning sometime before), what we do is make sideways -- we find ways to incorporate your requests to the priority topic, hence the awkwardness of some of our past publishings.

The realm of career is never at rest and since career building is a delicate topic, we keep on mentioning the importance of continuous learning, networking, and keeping up with the news on this blog. "How to develop - and keep talent - is a pressing issue for many employers around the world. It is also a matter for individuals to take on board too - how they develop and sustain their own talent. Managing one's own talent and career development is important too." Immortal words from ACCA Country Head, Mr. Darryl Wee... something we cite all the time to drive the point better. Are you an avid reader of ours? Allow us to ask for some updates. How are your networking and learning pursuits so far? And have you been reading the news? New to this little blog? Give us the time to pinpoint that we're not dictators. We've said our goal: career building... the smoothest way for our readers. Everything's for your gain. Please keep up with the news as soon as possible and add attending training opportunities and career seminars to you general plans of life to ensure a smoother flow of events on your part.

Networking, attending seminars, and reading the news are Singapore's main ingredients for success. Through years of speaking with career experts and recruiters, that's the theory we've developed. Whether you have more to add or you just don't agree with us, these three's worth in the realm of career building is recognised by most if not all experts. That's what you should take note of.

David Perry, co-author of 'Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0' believes in networking: "Find former employees on Google, Linkedin, or your own network." There are many benefits to networking but these are the biggest: access to the hidden jobs market and professional support. A lot of Singapore jobs are not advertised; networking is a great way to be able to reach them. As for free professional support, networking is all about exchanging helps in the first place. Actively communicating with working professionals will give you additional tips for your pursuits. Career Expo 2011 is something you shouldn't miss when it comes to this. Singapore career fairs are organised not just to connect people with jobs but also with people of same interests. Keep up with this blog or for updates.

With the work world constantly changing, it's imperative that you pay attention to your learning. Marketability: it's your job to be always marketable to get rewards. Singapore recognises this need so that it has developed Career Events and Several times a month, offers courses on personal development, finance, management and leadership, microsoft office, sales and marketing and communication skills. An outstanding job is a standard for regulars, George Goh, John Ho, Rickly Lien, Chistian Chua, Sandra Sandu-Reeves, Jolyn Chow, and Pang Li Kin, so every cent is worth it. The following are upcoming seminars that you might want to attend:

Oct 8 -- George Goh -- Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery
Oct 8 -- Shirley Taylor -- Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff
Oct 14 -- Jolyn Chow -- Writing in Response to Complaints
Oct 15 -- Jolyn Chow -- Writing Effective Minutes

Career Events, on the other hand, comes up with interesting seminars a month. This coming Oct 9, it's set to organise EQ and You. The participants will learn how to apply EQ for enhanced self management, how to develop and sustain EQ competencies to improve their working relationships, ability to manage their teams as well as increase individual and team performance. For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

What's up with the news? Keep up with the news to know the tempo -- better alternatives for job hunters and the right time to ask for employee benefits like salary increase for working professionals. The idea is that simple. Need we say more?

For more tips on career building, please visit Career Advice. From job hunting tips to career development guidelines, get advice from experts @ Singapore
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