Thursday, September 9, 2010

Career tip: The news is a good career resource.

Where's headlines that matter? You haven't seen it in a while due to a mishap on our part, quite frankly. Turns out, we haven't completely convinced our followers to make reading the news a habit. It was foolish of us to assume that after the sixth installation (or was it eighth?). More of a hope than an assumption, really. Blame the mails. Have you been reading the news? If yes, thank you. If no, well, we've got nothing else to say but, befriend the local periodicals as soon as possible -- you're missing a lot, whether you're currently looking for a job or just seeking advancement opportunities. To be fair though, we haven't completely let go of the blogging idea -- once in a while we get inspired to comment on happenings and such (you know that for sure). But still, the tempo is yours to keep track of; we're just here for... moral support, we suppose?

We're not saying career is all about timing. It's just that career is a premise that's never at rest and it's very important to keep up with the latest goings on to be able to "deliver". To stay out of as much consequences as possible, that's one benefit. But the most important is that it will keep one away from severe frustration, whether he's a job hunter or just a working professional who wants to advance. For a smoother flow of events, in a nutshell. You'll find out good alternatives suppose your trade of choice isn't accommodating enough, if you're a job hunter. Reading the news will help working professionals find the right time to ask for salary increase, training opportunities, and other employee benefits, on the other hand. Not to ego trip or anything, but perhaps, it will help to convince you if we add that this is a part of our learning in career module.

What do we always say when it comes to learning? It's a critical part of career building. The corporate world is constantly changing. Companies too are always on the look out for changes for the better. It's imperative that you get yourself moving accordingly with the flow to stay relevant and marketable. If you want to be an "asset", put effort on learning. It doesn't which form -- joining skills seminars or enrolling to another degree -- as long as there's effort, we're good.

The point: the news is a good career resource. Exactly, the title. Regularly reading the news is a great way to get tips on how you can conquer your chosen career path.


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