Friday, September 17, 2010

Inspirations. Motivation and career building. And on the spotlight: devoted ORIX professionals.

Looking back, while everything we've written so far is reasonably accurate, and commendable (we don't invent things...we've got Career Advice on our backs), we find it disappointing that they've been dressed with our Shakespearean rants on life. Not that contemplating is a bad thing (this IS a blog after all), but when one is tasked to handle career as a subject matter, he's kind of expected to be objective in approaching things...always. Although our random thoughts make a point (one follower has told us recently through a mail that she finds them entertaining... to you, thanks!), we can't help but feel like traitors to the rule. As we sit here thinking about that, we can feel our brains melting...

But hey, romanticism isn't all bad. We know for certain we'll be backing a winner if we'll bet on our readers (alright, at least half of them) liking these overkills. It's sort of common knowledge among bloggers: that you must always be entertaining because you'll get your readers bored if you don't. It's our job to keep our followers well informed as well as engrossed.

Think along the "all work and no play will make you dull" line. As much as you need rest after a hard day's work, you need a dash of heart after swimming into too much technicalities because of work. It's called balancing out. In general, career is not just about timing and seeking advancement opportunities. It's time to acknowledge: inspiration is also a part of the equation -- it's the one thing that balances out the stresses from all the career building and news reading and seminar attending and keeps you capable. For all of our embarrassing ramblings, we're confident to state that, this blog has one thing that other blogs on career don't or well, may not have, one thing that saves it from being a total waste of time and effort; and that thing is, of course, The Heart. From inspiration.

It's what maintains our enthusiasm on this blog. Writing about career is certainly not a walk in the park, with all its possible consequences, but still we're here, able to instigate talks on a daily basis because we're inspired. You guys and your comments inspire us.

From the serious ones to the spunky, every working professional has or has had an inspiration. The reason Mr. Chan ventured into this certain field was his family. Her friends were why Ms. Kwek was able to go about job hunting with ease. The idea is that simple. There's a reason why "What motivates you?" is considered a staple question when it comes to career.

Really? Yes. We've got good proof. Something you haven't read on this blog before. Fresh cuts.

The two professionals from the automotive industry that Singapore has interviewed recently for Industry Focus have inspirations. As technical the industry of cars is, Ms Linda Lau and Mr. David Chia of Orix have shared with us what motivates them with great enthusiasm. See, everyone needs a dash of heart!

Linda is an Assistant Vice President with the Integrated Automotive Solutions division of ORIX. It's her job to manage a sales team responsible for driving top line revenue comprising of passenger and commercial vehicle leasing. "It's very satisfying working for a company who share a common goal", she's told us. Her inspiration comes from ORIX itself, for the great learning opportunities it provides to employees. Sales jobs are never easy, but ORIX motivates her to continue moving forward. "I would like to continue my professional development with ORIX and assume greater management accountability and responsibility. "

David works as a Relationship Manager for ORIX and his portfolio includes sourcing for potential clients and vendors for equipment financing products as well as serving as a primary point of contact between the company, the customer and vendor. The company's immense potential is also what inspired David to join ORIX, like Linda. He's told us, "The opportunities available in the organization meets my own current career aspirations." He aims to provide more for the company that has given him so much development. "I hope that I will be able to contribute and be part of the team to make the difference and grow with the company together in its pursuit for continual progression. "

You can read more from Linda and David @ We've also provided videos over there, so yes, visit!

Speaking of inspirations... we've just rewarded our first lucky "Share your story of HOPE and COURAGE... BE AN INSPIRATION!" sender. Her name's Gloria and her story is about her successful rally against eczema to succeed in her job hunt. "Keep your dream and go on trying because there are good employers out there who see your value and hire you for your good attitude." Get inspired, read her complete story at

The contest's still on going. If you have an inspiring story to share, email to us now at and be rewarded. Singapore
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