Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the spotlight: Jobs in Sony. Work-life Balance Take 2. Sports activities as stress relievers. Our fancy for clarity.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 -- The day we swam in unfamiliar waters, what with the work-life balance task and all. We've already admitted it: we're experts in career change, resume writing, job interview skills, Singapore job market and learning in career, but we're still on our ways to being great in the topic of work life. We'll not well-versed in it YET. It should remembered rightfully in the future. Exaggerations aside, for people in our positions, to call this day a fiasco is an understatement, even.

What exactly happened? Reread our rants back then and you'd have your answer. Basically, after we received our editors' update, we logged in, clicked the 'New Post' button, and then... well, that was all that we remembered. But then again, it resulted to us realising a shortcoming. Let it never be said that we didn't know how to see the silver lining in a given situation.

We want to be quite clear about this: we've already moved on. It's just that we can't let the situation not get rectified squarely (and the back stories not stated clearly). We've been reading and researching... to prepare ourselves for more challenges on the topic, should they come, which is very highly likely knowing our editors back @ www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore. And indeed, after just a few days, one has come.

Much to our surprise, a challenge has knocked on our doors yesterday. If we remember things correctly, we've promised you more editorials on balancing work and life: today, we're tasked to deliver another one... or rather, 'try' to deliver another one. We're not yet prepared? You can say that, but then again, we've got Career Advice on our backs. Weird, really.

At this point, we feel compelled to reason out why we're still not sure, because we think we've got you guys confused. Clarity. Granted, we could hide any act of 'unclarity' any time we wanted given our fancy over human interest writing, but that would be beating the purpose, right? Perfectionists as we are, the rulebook is something we treat holy. So, yes, we've been researching, but we're not exactly tolerant of half hearted products, any kind, from writing to graphic. We can't make something we can't stand! Can you?

And so we've come to the decision of going about the task on hand in a lay low manner during the brainstorm. That is, sharing at least a paragraph or two of what we've learned about about work-life balance so far before introducing who our editors have interviewed for the feature. So, before anything else, allow us to define work-life balance...to share what we think about it in a general sense.

Does work-life balance exist? JobsDB.com Singapore believes that it is. At least we have a stand now. While others think that work-life balance is just a hasty excuse for do-nothingness, in general terms, a typical professional has his life divided into to aspects: work life and personal life. And that’s not debatable. They say that the world is all about balance. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang, the latter conquering the former (or vice versa) only means one thing: negativity.

Job satisfaction
and work-life balance have a connection, in other words. "In today's hectic working world, the challenge for companies is how they can effectively enable their staff to be productive and enjoy a good work-life balance at the same time." Today, we're featuring another winner of POSB Everyday Champions for Sports award 2010. Like RHB Bank Berhard, Sony Electronics Group has been rewarded for its participation to the Singapore Sports Council's Let's Play Movement as well. JobsDB.com Singapore has spoken with Mr. Paul Ong, General Manager, Head, Corporate Human Resources Division, Regional & Corporate Services Group at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, to find out more about the company's dedication and passion to implement work-life balance strategies and activities for all its staff.

The company is into sports, with a large majority of its staff actively engaging in sports through company sponsored activities like Yoga, Pilates, and Kickboxing, Mr. Paul has shared with us. There's also a recreation committee whose function is to organise sports activities such as bowling, go-kart, and street soccer for the staff every weekend. "Through our integrated approach to organising activities under the FRCSH (Family, Recreation, Community, Sports and Health) theme, more staff have increased their awareness on how sports and physical activities can help them to lead a healthy life. "

What's the difference between a company that enables work-life balance modules and one that doesn't? Happy staff. Mr. Paul has noted as well during the interview that these activities have made his staff shift to healthy living. "Based on our annual survey conducted among our staff recently, we noted an increase in the demand for Sports activities and a shift in their lifestyle towards more health-conscious food choices as well. "

"We receive a lot of support and encouragement from our management as our Managing Director is an avid marathon runner himself." Sony Electronics Group is definitely a wonderland of self and career growth. Jobs in Sony are very fulfilling, indeed. Read more about the company's work-life balance modules at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/newswatch?ID=442.

Some note...
Let's Play is a nation-wide movement by the Singapore Sports Council to encourage everyone in Singapore to embrace sports as a lifestyle choice. Sports, while also fun, offers health and social benefits. Let's Play seeks to connect, energise and enrich everyone from all walks of life through the many aspects of sports, be it playing, watching, cheering or volunteering. For more information on Let's Play, please visit www.singaporesports.sg.

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