Friday, September 3, 2010

STEPS to career success -- No. 2

Building a career can be tricky, what with its many crisscrosses. But it can be done smoothly, given proper preparation and knowledge on the antics of the job market. Here's the thing: the more you are in charge of the process, the better you will be handling the challenge, so don't be scared to step your career up -- building a career only gets scary if you do not know what it is that you really want to do in life.

In order for you to get this thing right, we suggest you follow these steps:

STEP TWO: In order to achieve career success, you will need a career development plan. Do some research into different career industries and scenarios and then see them against your values, strengths, passions and favorite skills set. Does your current career match with your personality? Can it provide you the money you "wish" to make?

List down your observations and see what you can do to address them. Are we suggesting a career change? It depends. Do you really need to move on? Does your current situation agree with this plan?

Devising a plan will also make you aware whether or not you will need additional skills to achieve career success. To compensate, you have the option to take additional classes or volunteer at non-profit organizations.

Aside from education, your career development plan must also include entries about those little factors in your career like your desk and how you manage your time. A clean desk and a well-maintained scheduled can do wonders in your career as they have a direct impact on your personal productivity. Singapore

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