Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On job hunting, career change, and learning in career. Some more insights.

Much as we like to call ourselves jolly, we're forced to admit that yes, there are things that "manage" to piss us off (you've asked...here's your answer). A campaign that has turned out pointless is one such thing. Are we describing a failed campaign? Yes, but not all "failed" campaigns can get us out of our collective masks. Failure in terms of poor response is no big deal (there's always room for improvement), but a campaign that has caused a problem instead of vice versa? Well, that's something we hate to get more than anything else, what with the fact that it's our duty to help! As optimistic as we may sound every time we instigate a conversation on this blog (which is everyday), it deeply saddens us when we receive mails about our interpretations being helpless and such.

We can't believe we've just let out this secret, but well, it's our job to tell something about ourselves episode per episode. But of course, these rants don't imply that we don't want you to send your concerns with our tips anymore. Ego stroking happens to be another pet peeve of ours and please, there's also our desire for "discourse". As far as we're concerned, that request is far from coming out of its cave. Our mailbox is doing pretty well in terms of mailing variety so far, and we want to keep it that way.

As our regular visitors would be well aware of, when it comes to helping, we're willing to give everything. No career situations are the same, granted, but as representatives of a public service website, it's kind of understandable why we don't want to mess up in the tips sharing department at all: career building is no child's play and there's little room for errors as far as the goal is concerned. The fact that we care for the welfare of our readers as much as ourselves should do all the reasoning. A public service career at its best.

Wait... rambling again? Yes, indeed. Partly because we like rambling (generally) and partly to demonstrate that in spite of the fact that career is a serious subject and we've been writing about it for three years now, we still haven't lost our touch to the world. We're bloggers and its our job to keep you entertained as well as informed after all. In many ways, rambling is the Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet of our little blogging world, if you understand what we mean.

There's no point in hiding this anymore: we take advantage of our weaknesses to give this blog a twist... that's what we do to keep it kicking. Career is serious but we don't want to bore you out. The ramblings are for comic effect, really. We also write far longer than we're supposed to because hey, we're not journalists nor are we writing for a magazine. This is a blog, our blog: a place for knowledge and entertainment. Our readers (okay, some) like what we do, after all. We know writing like this can confuse some people, most especially new readers, but we're aware of the consequences. It's also a part of our job to see to it that everything's clear. Just like what we're set to do for today.

One question, one answer -- something that we haven't done for quite a while now on this blog. What's JobsDB.com Singapore ultimate stance on jobs interview, resume, career change, and learning? Dear reader, if you happen to be undergoing a career dilemma or a difficulty in job search, read on.

We've already interviewed many career experts about how to excel at your interview. From what we've learned from these talented individuals, the key is preparation. Prepare in terms of researching before the interview, so that you can answer well the questions and incorporate your goals with those of the company that has invited you. This has something to do with punctuality as well: if you're not familiar with the location for instance, prepare via finding your way the day before. Your wardrobe must be prepared the day before too for lesser hassles on your part.

What about resume writing? Personalisation. LearningDB.com regular, Sandra Sandu-Reeves is our idol on this: "Aimless applications can frustrate the job seeker as much as recruiters." Prepare different resumes and cover letters for each application; get to the employer's perspective when writing these documents. Recruiters will know.

Career change
is a topic we're very fond of writing and so, if you pay attention to this blog, you may know what we're going to write next: it depends on your situation. Is it your only option? In the Singapore job market, it's never easy to find a job because of competition. If you still have aces left, stay some more until you find another position. Our database can help you with your search. Need we even say that?

The last time we spoke about learning was yesterday. That's how endeared we are to the topic. But no matter how much we like devoting our days talking about learning, the point will always be the same: it's crucial, so do it. Without hesitations. The work world is constantly changing and in order to stay marketable, you have to go with its movement. We've established Career Events and LearningDB.com to assist you with this. For seminar updates, please visit this site regularly (we update once a week).

We admit to being confusing sometimes, so stay tuned for more updates like this where we get everything straight. =) If you have questions, feel free to use the comments section or contact us through our Facebook @ www.facebook.com/jobsdbsingapore.

New Accountant Jobs, Merchandising Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, Insurance Jobs and Careers in Design have just been added to our database. Job hunting on these fields? Go ahead and check the links out. Your dream job might be there.

Back @ www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/en/Resources/JobSeekerIndex, we've just posted the stories of three more Share your story of HOPE and COURAGE... BE AN INSPIRATION winners. Be inspired by how Lai Leng overcame her accident to restart her career again, read about how Gerald never gave up on looking for his dream job and finally got it, and be inspired by Suvarna's story of courage and hope after she was retrenched. Do you have an inspiring story to share? Email to us now at marketinginfo@jobsdb.com.sg.

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