Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot job openings, Singapore job market updates, and a confession.

We suppose this is a slightly embarrassing confession to make for people in our positions, but for the sake of clarity (and our pride), yes, THERE are things in the realm of career that we're not well-versed in yet. Sure, we've been writers of career for many years now (and we've already received commends for our work), but even people who are as stubbornly perfectionists as ourselves have flaws and things they've yet to master. After last Wednesday's fiasco, how could we not feel inclined to follow up? Granted, work-life balance isn't a topic in career as popular as those we're already experts at namely resume writing, job interview skills, career change and learning in career and rule of thumb dictates that 'what's popular is the priority', but we feel driven to make this admission anyway, given possible circumstances. We're just playing everything safe.

Not that we're telling you to stop reading our blog. We don't invent things here after all -- we've got Career Advice on our backs, dictating us what to write about, what to say and how to react on certain issues, and who to side with in debates. In other words, though we're vested with the power to ramble about life and behold and share our own thoughts, we're an extension of the section. Our job is to make the otherwise pressuring task of 'learning from career experts' fun, so to speak. We know you like our sense of humor, we know you do. And we're not saying we hate how Wednesday has turned out in terms of 'discourse'. We kind of liked the product in spite of its many faults; or at least, liked it enough to be disappointed in it, and to wish it were better.... to wish we were better.

Anyway, just in case you're curious, these past few days, we've been busy finding ways to rectify the issue by reading and researching. So far, it's been good. We're positive we'll be coming away from the exercise with an overwhelming sense that we can make contributions on work-life balance, good ones, for this blog in the near future. Something for you guys to look forward too, we suppose.

Think this is unnecessary? We have two things to say to you: 'thank you' and 'we do too'. It's just that our obsession over clarity has won over during the brainstorm. At least, everything's clear now. And so, we're taking you back to regular programming...

Hays Singapore has just shared with us their latest press release, which we've posted on News Watch. So, yes, we're not just set to ramble about our shortcomings today but also share job updates (so don't stop reading). It's been so long since we last gave our followers a decent write up about the Singapore job market and many of them are asking for it already. Good thing we have this Hays report now to back us up. Though it's a good enough reference, we can't just constantly tell people to check on our database to see how certain industries are doing.

So which industries are at their peaks according to Hays? The report is centered around the topic of demand for foreign applicants, but Hays also mentioned the industries where there has been a significant increase in the number of jobs this last quarter: something you can use for reference too. Finance Jobs, Banking Jobs, Oil and Gas Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs and IT Jobs are plenty right now, according to Hays. There has also been rises for Sales Jobs, Marketing Jobs, HR Jobs, Construction Jobs, and Property Jobs. For those looking to revive their career, these are the jobs to try applying for. You can read the report here:

As news lovers as we are, aside from the industries that the experts at Hays have mentioned in their press release, these are other routes that are good to consider. From what we've read from periodicals these past few days, employment experts are citing Education Jobs, Shipping Jobs, Telecom Jobs, Wholesale Jobs, Retail Jobs, Insurance Jobs and Logistics Jobs as in demand as well. "The fourth-quarter outlook indicates an active hiring pace will continue through the end of the year", Manpower Singapore country manager Peter Haglund has shared with asiaoneBusiness. We're not surprised at the mentioning of these jobs as their respective categories are doing pretty well on our database. See what we're referring to here:

It makes us wonder why the results of our past poll back @ are the opposite of these reports. Do you agree that there is a positive hiring outlook for the next 6 months? Out of more or less 1000 respondents, 61.34% of our respondents didn't think so at all. Because we still care: Are you with the majority on this? How about dropping a note down at the comments section and share your thoughts with us?

Allow us to promote our latest survey pursuit. The new poll's about the minimum wage policy issue that's been gracing our local periodicals for quite some time now. Just a little background: In a recent blog post by Minister of State for Trade and Industry, and Manpower Lee Yi Shyan, the Government has restated its stance against a minimum wage. Mr Lee has written in his blog that Workfare is a better policy for Singapore's workforce than minimum wage. Should Singapore have a minimum wage policy? Which side are you in? The "yes" side, the "no" side, or the "depends on the industry" side? Vote now! Yes is leading, just so you're curious. Singapore
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