Thursday, September 23, 2010

We're going all out: new jobs, seminar updates, the news as a career resource, career building in general, career tips, and survey.

Much as we respect our calendar, we admit to the fact that, we delay things from it. There are 'certain' things that trigger us so. Receiving an overwhelming response to a campaign is one such thing. So many things...

We've been instigating discourse on this blog for so long, we've already developed 'categories' in writing, those which we follow for orderly archiving (okay, and to get you to read without having second thoughts). Though we're not capitalists, going about how mainstream studio executives keep a profitable series alive -- which is, producing sequels -- rings a certain appeal to us as far as the task of keeping our readers satisfied with our performance is concerned. Playing safe? Well yes, but it's a strategy. Many months of writing in career have taught us that the business is a matter of how to get people to read what we write, not 'what to write'. So, off with our planned sequel... Read on and you'll know which from our past articles we're following up.

Call this a joke or call this a lie, whichever you prefer, but the fact is, between pressuring and comedic, as far as the task of getting our readers to respond and move is concerned, we'll always prefer the former as 'the approach to use'. That's true. It's refreshing telling you stories about ourselves and making you laugh because of them, but we do that for an important reason, one that isn't at all close to the 'just for fun' idea, just so if you're thinking. No. The topic to which this blog is built upon is no joke. Our love for telling stories aside, not being serious in the realm of career is synonymous to suicide. Surprised with this revelation? Considering how frequent we update this blog with and Career Events promotions and snippets from Career Advice, stuff like that, this isn't close to a revelation at all. Haven't you noticed?

There are some things about career building that we prefer to approach lightly and there are some things that we prefer to approach in a pressuring way. Learning in career is one topic that we've always gone so far out of our ways to deliver seriously. Urgency is out of question when it comes to learning, what with the fact that the work world is never at rest. We make seminar updates on this blog once a week, even though they're considerably more tiring to do than any other of our blog regulars, for a reason. You should always be on the look out for such events -- that's the message. Yes, as much as we adore the Shakespearean way of expressing one's thoughts, we adore playing symbolic. Bookmark this blog or subscribe to our posts and we'll do all the updating.

The keyword to note here is insistence. If you've been reading our blog since last year, by this time, you should have noticed this certain blogging behaviour of ours already: our tone changes topic per topic.

Okay, let's get this straight with another example. Another fact that we've always been insistent on is the news being great career resource. Use the news to your advantage -- our staple advice. Why this much effort for the tip? One word: tempo. We'll say this for News Watch and our local periodicals: read them. Call this what you will: exaggerating or just complicating things, we're good. No theory is needed to explain how much catching up with the news regularly can help you with your career. The news will tell you when to ask for additional employee benefits, e.g. salary increase and work-life balance modules and get away with it without 'scratches'. For job seekers, the purpose of this goes beyond that of a time keeper. The news will inform job seekers of great alternatives when they're having difficulties and more job fairs to attend. Is there any better way to find our what's up in the Singapore job market than this?

We approach the task of announcing job updates on the 'light' side, on the other hand. Job openings are nothing if not good news -- why do the task of announcing them gloomily? Though, we'd probably do that if we needed attention so bad. Quirky as well as informative -- that's our pattern in writing for the topic. It's been so long since we last wrote something like this, really. In case you're wondering why, we haven't received new updates from our partners yet... that's why. Though, based on the standing of our database, the following are the hottest jobs: Accountant Jobs, HR Jobs, Secretary Jobs, Sales Jobs, Banking Jobs, Media Jobs, Hotel Jobs, Engineering Jobs, and Web Designer Jobs. Check them out now. Current featured industries: public service jobs and retail jobs.

It goes without saying, we want you to share your thoughts with us, which explains why we extend our survey pursuits back @ on this blog. How do we go about this 'franchise? Keeping the tone in the middle does our trick. This is to provide the reader enough data background and to incline him to vote. The latest survey aims to find out the optimism of our followers towards Singapore's job market. Do you agree that there is a positive hiring outlook for the next 6 months? Vote now. Singapore
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