Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the spotlight: Work-life Balance. RHB Bank Berhad Singapore. Banking Career. Let's Play. First Time for Everything.

Discourse doesn't come easy. That's why the keepers of this blog are always working hard. Discourse wouldn't be possible without mutual understanding between the participants -- we realised that a long time ago. Since then, in case you still haven't noticed, we've been a lot more personal on our approach in writing. At times we ramble, sometimes we confess. That is so we can get you to feel more comfortable around us -- comfortable enough to get you to comment without hesitations. Extra work, but it's fun. Our readers like it too (don't you?)...

Those who like hearing us confess, read on.

Japan has a term for people with obsession on anime, manga and video games -- otakus. No, we're not confessing our obsession over such things. Our penchant is considerably on the same level as otakus to fun stuff when it comes to career, and yet-- here's our confession... the BUT -- until today, the topic of work-life balance has never earned a full feature on this blog. There. A mistake on our part? We wouldn't call it a mistake, it was probably a product of personal fears.

And what is the problem with that? Everyone has fears. It's just that --

We like to call ourselves daredevils. And have been announcing the fact on this blog since what seems like forever for reiteration. By quasi-ignoring the topic, we've been beating our purpose all this time. Go figure the reason behind this rant.

Granted, unlike resume writing and career change, we haven't mastered the crisscrosses of work-life balance yet. And it's not like us to make up things here just to reach a quota.

Okay, so where did these ramblings sprout from? Our editors back @ had featured a winner of this year's POSB Everyday Champions award. It made us realise that it was high time we stopped playing deaf to work-life balance's calls and faced our shortcomings. And so, here we are now, talking to you guys nervously, as we prepare to dip our toes to the murky waters of the topic. Are we afraid of earning a frown? Not really. What we're afraid of is saying something totally unrelated. What will happen to clarity? Call this weird or disturbing, whichever you prefer, but the fact is, this is one topic that we're incredibly nervous to talk about, so please bear with us. Here we go...

You back? Well, we're not really that nervous. We've got Career Advice on our backs after all and it's not like we're pressured to take a stand. We're set to feature RHB Bank Berhad Singapore today, in case we've confused you with the above rants. Singapore has recently interviewed Mr. Jason Wong, Country Head of RHB Bank Berhad Singapore for Career Advice to find out about the company's dedication and passion to implement work-life balance strategies and activities for all its staff.

In today's competitive work world, jobs that offer work-life balance don't come easy. Companies are focused on getting results, employing different kinds of profit-inducing strategies for the pursuit. RHB Bank Berhad Singapore takes the task differently. The company's banking jobs are a notch higher than the usual. "It is important for our staff to feel a sense of belonging in RHB Bank Berhad Singapore. This is because satisfied and motivated employees are the key to success in any service-orientated business", Mr. Jason has shared with us. RHB Bank Berhard Singapore has been into sporting events since 2005.

But there's more to the company's strategy of using sports as a key to work-life balance. RHB Bank Berhard Singapore organizes sports activities not just for its employee's welfare but also to help underprivileged children. "RHB Bank conducts football related charity events / children's football clinics where children from various communities, schools and under privileged homes are given the opportunity to learn and train under a professional coach. "

"Winning the award is a good recognition of our efforts and commitment towards a healthy work-life balance environment for all our staff too." RHB Bank Singapore is a wonderland for self as well as career growth. You can read more about the company's involvement in Singapore Sports Council's Let's Play Movement @

Good enough for a first time? We promise to talk more about work-life balance in the future, probably make it a staple like learning and career change. We say, bookmark this blog now, if you like hearing us talking all nervous... we'll be making updates about this topic on this blog from now on.

We don't do this often, but when we do, it's exciting. Another reason why you should bookmark us, or at least visit us regularly (make it everyday).

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