Thursday, December 9, 2010

All about work life balance. What Career Advice has to offer.

Everyone's talking about work life balance these days, probably because of the ongoing Let's Play Movement by the Singapore Sports Council. Since as career writers for Singapore it's our duty to keep everyone in our network closely posted with things (no, seriously) , naturally, we feel the need to jump on the bandwagon. Twisted messengers we may be, but we haven't received hate mails regarding our updates so far. Which, heedless to say, makes us think that what we're doing is right. Feel free to correct us if you beg to disagree.

Not that we don't like talking about stress management or balancing work and life, though. Not so much as endeared as when it comes to resume writing, job interviewing or career planning, but we have enough interest to the topic. Something wide enough to accommodate this task's need to be attacked carefully, considering our lack of expertise on come with original ideas and career tips like perhaps, our own stress tips for career professionals or advice on extra curricular modules for top employers.

And regarding our recent self imposed goal... no, we haven't broken it after choosing to talk about work life balance for today. Again, although in a warped sort of way, because its what the majority's talking about anyway, it's not totally out of the line. And again, this is the closest thing to a substitute. We do need your inputs in order for the goal to be successful, you know. Said with no sarcasm.

The goal is all about answering to suggestions but, as you can see, how can we possibly cook a dish without ingredients to work on?

Now, that has to be a new record in ranting. But don't worry, our gpoa for today doesn't include annoying you with too much useless stuff, and so we're starting with the real topic at hand in 3, 2, and 1...

As we say repeatedly throughout Jobs in Singapore, this blog (in case, you're not aware of what this little space on the internet is named) work life balance is a matter of willingness -- in order to have a balanced work and life, you need to be willing to make adjustments in your work habits. This is to ensure that work stays at work, if you know what we mean. The concept's that easy to understand (just forget that we've made a fool out of ourselves talking about this topic once).

You see, overtimes and giving yourself assignments to do at home are the biggest causes of fatigue due to stress. Eliminating the two in your career, or at least reducing their instances in your life, is a definite act of practising work life balance. Time management and task planning are essential factors in achieving such a state, so to speak.

Overwhelming it may be, but there's no need to worry because help on work life balance is everywhere. Career articles on the topic can be found all over the internet, for one. And you don't have to look elsewhere as Career Advice has plenty about the topic. A favourite on the section, this article on time management by professional speaker, Donald Wetmore at, discusses what you can and should not do to increase our daily results. He's got another on task management at, entitled Crucial vs. Non Crucial. Reading this one will give you insights on how you can make the most productive use of your time at the office.

There are specific articles on the topic, those which tackle work life balance directly, in the roster of Career Advice's newest uploads. We suggest you check them all out to gain better understanding. We highly recommend the following:

Work-Life Balance 101 (which comes in six parts)
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Of course, you may argue, a balanced work and life isn't possible to achieve without the participation of one's employer. But it's not that Singapore employers aren't as interested to the concept as their counterparts in other countries. News Watch is a pretty good proof. It has articles on the Let's Play Movement, one of them has just been uploaded yesterday. Have you read our editors' feature on People’s Association's workplace health programmes? We'll give the article a proper feature (with our form of humor and all) sometime next week, but in the meantime, just read it in its original glory at

If you want to reread the past ones, they're here:

Work And Play Makes A Great Day -- about RHB Bank Berhad Singapore
Work-Life Balance Success -- about Sony Electronics Group

Another short one! It's just that we're very excited for tomorrow. Aside from the research we've been doing since Monday, we're also set to present findings from Hays Singapore and lots of other stuff from our editors. There are new contests for you to join! So, did we excite you? We sure hope we did.

We'll be presenting a lot of Singapore Jobs tomorrow, so we suggest you get all your preparations done today. If you're already a My JobsDB member, revise your resume. If not, well, you know what to do... Let the shiny icon above lead the way. Singapore
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