Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Short Commentary on Career Changing.

Though writing isn't the easiest thing to build a career out of, we'd rather be stressed than relaxed. And that's why we're always pleading for your suggestions. Asking for suggestions is our main way of keeping our calendar in the line with the latest buzz. Now that everything's clear, will you do us the favor of not stopping to comment?

Quite obviously, this is in line with our survey on interests, the one we've told you guys about yesterday. We're feeling rather disappointed at the moment and it has something to do with it. The pleadings didn't work, it seems. We were sort of expecting a massive flood to drown us once we open our email this morning, but well... Life's tricky.

Granted, we can always get reactions by instigating weird stuff, but our writing principles are more important and so, you can be sure we won't do that just to get what we want. Reactions to this revelation are very much welcome. But hell, we're not trying to spite you by sharing all these personal crap.

The goal has been laid out. Everything's up to you guys from this point on. What is it that you want us to write about the most? Do you enjoy our articles on job hunting? Or do you like reading us being paranoid over personalisation in resume writing? Perhaps, you like us talking about job interviewing the most with our humor and all? There's also the topic of career building that we've always held close in our hearts. Send us even a simple note and it'll mean a lot.

We haven't received anything yet...that's pretty obvious. So, we've decided to just talk about career change for today if only because its popular among career professionals. At least, although in a twisted sort of way, it's in the line with the goal. Plus, you can't discount the fact that the Singapore job market is now back to stability. Surely, career switching or asking for advancement opportunities are being thought of by many people now.

Anyway, we've always been pretty clear with our stand on career change, so this is going to be mainly about the new uploads on Career Advice about the topic. Nevertheless, we're hoping that this shouldn't discourage you to read on until the end or share the article with your friends.

If nothing else, career changing is something that should be thought of in all seriousness, what with the risks and all. It can struck an unprepared person hard, financially and emotionally. That's why our staple response to the question of 'Should I quit?" is "It depends on the situation". It's always been the case since...since we started writing about career.

We remember writing an article about the topic for Career Advice sometime before. And we've written the following questions as important factors to consider before making the move:

  • Are you finished soul searching?
  • Can you consider yourself "better" than most job hunters?
  • Is your network enough to get you moving?
  • Are you prepared for the stress?

It makes proper sense. Career switching is a cause and effect affair...which means in order to conquer it, one needs to be prepared. There's no telling what will happen to you if you throw yourself at the battle unprepared. An answer of yes to all four questions is what will indicate whether or not you will crack down in the middle due to the complications.

Wait, did we make you nervous with that? Don't be. Help is here. Career Advice is no stranger to this topic. Browsing the section's archives will lead you to a good number of articles concerning this career move. And they're from career experts and career coaches, no less.

Workplace exert, Tom Welch has an article on Career Advice, entitled 'WHEN TO SAY "I QUIT"'. Although the article is addressed to senior managers and team leads on how they can make their staff happier, there's also a bit that can help you weigh in your options: "when your job no longer allows you to do what you do best or when your needs and interests are not fulfilled, it's time to move on."

If it's stress, specifically, we're not with the 'throwing the towel' option. You see, stress is not really a difficult problem to solve and articles on stress management can be found all over the internet. Career Advice is pretty much abundant with such articles, if you wouldn't mind us promoting. Professional organiser, Carol Halsey has one about relieving every day stresses at There's another one by at

Make sure to visit Career Advice for more articles. And wonder no more... we're just being true to our words. We titled this 'short', for a reason. Singapore
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