Monday, December 20, 2010

For a productive January 2011!

Five days to go before Christmas! It goes without saying that we're excited. Grumpy writers we may be, but we're no sociopaths. Christmas is easily one of the most cherished celebrations in the world, anyway. So, we're betting there are other career professionals who feel the same way.

We're not taking a break just yet for your learning and development, though. already has schedules for January 2011...we've just been informed by our editors. That's good news!

So, for this week's advisory on training opportunities and career workshops, we can finally polish your career building/job hunting schedules for January next year. You should take notes... will be offering new seminars on writing skills, communication skills, and computer skills (seminars that you haven't seen yet) after New Year.

But first, let's go back to what Career Events has in store this coming January. We've promoted this seminar on this blog for many times already, but because we care for your career, we'll still do today. Unleash Your Image Power Through Dressing and Etiquette with Audrey Quek will empower you with business etiquette which is crucial in demonstrating professionalism to help you gain a poised and confident manner. From the key components to a winning image to the difference between manners & etiquette, in this seminar, Audrey will discuss everything about projecting a professional image so enlisting your attendance is definitely an investment.

We suggest you sign your name as early as now because first 10 sign-ups will receive complimentary Flower Advisor vouchers. For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

Now back to But before anything else, we'd just like to inform those business professionals and entrepreneurs who are following us that Dr. John Ho is set to have Business Finance for Non-financial Managers again on January 17. It's really necessary that we make this announcement, considering the seminar's immense popularity. We're still finalising the venue, but the dates are already final. Get it printed in your calendar now.

The new stuff? We haven't seen these seminars before, so you should take notes.

Florence Au has 23 years of experience in training adult learners about business communication. Get your writing skills improved; attend Getting Results from Your Business Writing which is set to be held on January 6.

We're encouraging those with secretary jobs, admin jobs, customer service jobs, sales jobs, and tech support jobs to attend Telephone Skills for Service Professionals with Chua Bee Choo this coming January 7. Get promoted with excellent telephone skills!

Ms Choo is set to have another seminar on January 31, FYI. Looking to improve your personal effectiveness at work? Attend EQ Techniques and see vast improvements on how you interact with people in no time. Those with HR jobs and PR jobs are encouraged to attend.

Sandra Sandu Reeves, in cooperation with, has come up yet again with an interesting seminar on English proficiency. To be held on January 13, Mind Your English, will improve your grammar and vocabulary on both "Singlish" and Standard English.

Because we give importance to time management...the next time we write about career building in relation to working more efficiently, expect us to mention this seminar. Join Sandra in Smart Time Management and achieve more results in less time. You'll make your boss happy...definitely.

Another seminar from Sandra to watch out for is POWER E-MAILS that get results! Learn about the 8Cs for effective e-mail writing and improve in this department of working. Don't miss this great opportunity; make yourself available on January 21.

You also ought to know that lots of computer courses are scheduled to take place on January. Technology plays an important role in today's work world. Even though you're not a web designer or an application specialist (even if you don't have an IT job, so to speak), please consider enlisting your attendance for these seminars. Here's the roster as of present:

20-21 Jan -- Computer Literacy Course
12 Jan -- Microsoft Windows Vista Essentials
27-28 Jan -- Black Belt Security Introduction to Securing Your PC - White Tip
10-11 Jan -- Creating Web Pages with HTML Course
17 Jan -- e-Newsletter Design (EDM Design)
17-18 Jan -- Internet Training

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to To enlist, visit the webpages for each seminar at We'll be waiting for your sign ups!

This list is not yet final so you can expect us to feature more! Visit this career blog regularly for the updates. Singapore
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