Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Tis the season of stories!

Besides being the month of giving gifts and exchanging cards, December is also the time for sharing inspiring stories. Christmas is coming and everyone's in a merry mood. Of course, we're no different. Albeit it's not that obvious, we've been ecstatic since late November.

Because we can't wait for December 25 any longer, we're sharing to our followers today what our editors have specifically asked us to write about come the actual day of merrymaking. Never mind the possible consequence.

There. You may be asking...will this improve your mood for job hunting or career building (whichever is applicable in your case)? Probably. But here's the thing, we've never been this excited over a topic before. Those assurances are probably enough to incline you to continue reading (and reach the good stuff).

The perfect mood for Christmas in these writers' collective perspectives, is that which can be quantified as "intellectually fun." We're firm believers that time is of the essence in career management or a job search, so even though the general view regarding Christmas is that it's all about eating, partying, and ferrying, our idea is that you still shouldn't leave out on your intellectual life. All these having said, what's apparent now is, this post is going to be about fun but still relevant stories.

If you're an avid follower of us on Facebook at, you should have heard of this news already. But for the sake of those who haven't visited the Fanpage for a while, thank you because Singapore tops the chart once again and wins the No.1 Recruitment Website of the Year award by Human Resources Magazine for the fifth year running.

It goes without saying that we feel exceedingly grateful for you guys because of making this happen and happy that our efforts have been a success. Rest assured, our enthusiasm won't change and we'll even seek to improve our services more! Again, thank you!

Have suggestions? Use the comments section below to share what's going on in your mind right now. Consider this as your Christmas gift to us. But wait, we've prepared many stories to tell for today, so don't leave our site just yet to prepare.

We're really enjoying reading entries at You'll be surprised at what's over there...that many Singaporeans, for instance, actually dream of being performers in the entertainment industry. Many more factlets are waiting to be discovered by read, read, READ.

Did you join the phase one of What's your dream job? It's been extended, as we've announced last you know what to do. If you have friends who are interested as well, kindly pass them the link.

Do you like telling stories about food? Share them to and stand a chance to win great prizes this Christmas season. Due to the overwhelming response in November, we want to continue rewarding OpenRicers with unlimited sure-win CapitaLand Shopping Vouchers for every 6 reviews.

If you're looking for 'real' inspiring stories, those with a touch of drama to them, Career Advice has a section that you can visit. Remember our editors' marketing effort before the Coolest Desk Contest? Well, that's it. Read entries at

Merry Christmas, everyone! Singapore
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