Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's talk about personal branding.

The work world is never at rest. And as career writers and blogging representatives to (albeit indirect), we ought to do the same. The expectation to catch up in itself is overwhelming, but thanks to the undying support of our watchers, followers, and also detractors, we're still very much motivated to go. Hey, we've been the moderators of Jobs in Singapore for more than a year now...surely that accounts for something positive.

We get excited over Christmas and New Year, yes, but these holidays are no exception to the rule that we must always work for our readers' sake. So there.

Which is why we're scared to mess up. You guys haven't failed in keeping our motivation bar filled; it goes without saying, the only way to return is to show the same level of enthusiasm.

Too dramatic for a Holiday post? Well yes, but it's a great introduction for another party-pooper, right?

No seriously, we're just trying to make you laugh. We're set to take our breaks for the New Year very soon, and this is just our way of making use of the remaining two days (today and tomorrow) wisely. We've been advised by our hardworking editors to talk about Singapore Jobs and the latest Industry News tomorrow. Which then leaves us with no other choice but to reserve today's slot for career tips.

We really hope you'll allow us to interfere with your vacationing once again and give attention to what we've prepared to discuss for today. Reading won't spoil your mood for the New Year, we promise. Just a short commentary on a career topic concerning both the realms of job search and career building.

In today's work world, impressions decide whether a person gets 'it' or not. Because of the topic's relevance, we've developed a habit of mentioning it here once in a while. Ergo, you won't find this unfamiliar. Contemplating on an already familiar matter...we've done this before, right? Anyway, shall we begin?

There's a reason why personal development is a staple category at To say that more and more career professionals are realising the importance of personal branding in looking for a job or building a career is no longer an assumption. It's closed to being common knowledge, through the shared efforts of concerned career experts and online jobs portals like Singapore, that achieving career success is also a matter of knowing how to present oneself in the best way possible, physically and verbally.

The word to note is inconsistency -- something that many top companies consider as a big turn off, so job hunters, please take note. It can be detrimental to what you've done so for for your plans, on the other hand, if you're a career builder. So, any acts of inconsistency must be avoided in order to succeed. Keeping a personal brand happens to be the best way to do so.

But you must know that 'who are you' and 'what you want to portray' are different matters altogether. Although it's much more advisable to stick with the real you (that way, committing inconsistency is virtually impossible), we're not saying that 'what you want to portray' can't be achieved. It will just take time. Determination, attending career seminars to improve your skill, and hiring a personal coach to get professional help are just some ways of getting yourself to level up and reach your ultimate stage. Our suggestion is you focus on 'who you are' while you're still rallying to reach your stars.

What to do? If you’ve been following this blog for quite a while now, you should know where we're getting at. Career Advice has plenty to offer when it comes to the topic of personal branding. That's one reason why we're very opinionated on the topic, really. So, for further information (okay, after your vacation), be sure to visit its library of career articles. But because we're all for our readers' convenience (if you don't mind reading some more paragraphs), let us introduce the most favoured of them all.

This article at by Brenda Bence is a classic favourite among job seekers. It explains how a personal brand can help one become the #1 choice. The second part of the articles focuses on tips, so reading is definitely worth the time.

For non job hunters, the article that we recommend the most is this one at from Kelly Services. It provides the most comprehensive explanation on office environment and dress code as factors in career management.

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