Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We interrupt your regular programming for some learning and development promotions.

Fresh from a long vacation, we're back!

No need to frown. This is not intended to be a party-pooper. Believe that we haven't set this appointment just to spite you guys, our beloved readers. Such is an action we're not capable of committing, you should know if you've been watching our actions as moderators to Jobs in Singapore since a long time ago.

We just feel compelled to make a follow up. How did your Christmas go? In line with the fact that we hate failing people...did we fail to keep our promise? The one we made before signing off officially for Christmas?

Whatever is your answer to that, today we're elaborating on that one point concerning learning and development, the one about LearningDB.com and Career Events.

Have you visited www.learningdb.com.sg and www.jobsdb.com.sg/StaticContent/SG/CareerEvents/default.htm to check (like what we've hinted the last time we're holding the mike) on the schedules? Nevertheless, we can assure you that our editors are in for starting 2011 with a bang. The offerings for the first half of the year (so far) are nothing if not exciting.

If you haven't dropped by, you can make up by staying with us today until the end. If this is your first time visiting, we suggest that you take out a pen and notepad.

More and more career professionals are recognising the essence of professional image in career building; in line with this, our editors have decided to devote the January of next year talking about making first impressions and dressing for success. We've enlisted the help of Audrey Quek to give you guys a comprehensive take on the matter via Unleash Your Image Power Through Dressing and Etiquette, so you should definitely sign up.

February for Career Events will be about personal branding too, FYI. Though we don't intend the two to be sister seminars, if you are joining Audrey, we suggest you enlist your attendance to Present with Confidence too.

What about March? JobsDB.com Career Expo 2011 will be held on March and so, as is tradition, Career Events will be the one to take charge of the aspect of learning opportunities in the fair. If you're attending, please show your support by joining us in the talks. Nothing's final yet topics-wise, but we assure you that the lessons will come from experts and that attending will give you tons of helpful info. We're reposting this shiny icon for further promotions:

As for LearningDB.com... schedules for February and March 2011 are already up. The good news is, quite a number of those that will have their first sessions ever on January will be following up the next month. That soon! So, if you can't in January, the February slots are for you. We're talking about the following career seminars:

09 Feb -- EQ Techniques -To Improve Personal Effectiveness At Work with Chua Bee Choo
10-11 Feb -- Getting Results from Your Business Writing with Florence Au
18 Feb -- Power E-mails that get results with Sandra Sandu-Reeves
18 Feb -- Telephone Skills for Service Professionals with Chua Bee Choo

There will be lots of new seminars on February as well. Joining the four in the roster are:

10-11 Feb -- Getting Results from Your Business Writing with Florence Au
16 Feb -- Exceptional Work Skills with Tina Altieri
18 Feb -- Building Great Business Relationships with Shirley Taylor and Alison Lester
22 Feb -- Dealing with Difficult People and Situations with Ricky Lien
22 Feb -- Savvy Networking Skills For Success with Sandra Sandu-Reeves

Of course, our editors have also reserved slots for the classics. Those who've been wanting to catch sessions of Creativity at Work, Winning and Retaining Clients, Dealing with Difficult People and Situations, Polished Presentation Skills for so long, can finally sit on them this coming February 2011. Schedules are available at www.learningdb.com.sg/default.htm#Feb.

Based on what we've seen before going about this task, March 2011 will be a very, very busy month for LearningDB.com. Our editors have got a full schedule for the month, including seminars on communication skills, computer skills, stress management, negotiation skills, writing skills, presentation skills, and business planning. And because we don't want to hold your attention any longer (or interrupt your vacationing), we guess we'd have to postpone the discussing of these career seminars until the next Monday. Catch a glimpse of the schedules at www.learningdb.com.sg/default.htm#Mar.

Cue the cheers.

You can now resume with your merrymaking. Oh hell, give us more time because we still have other important announcements to make! Just two...

Done sending your entry to our "I love JobsDB.com because..." contest? If you haven't, cast your reason now at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/en/StaticContentFullContainer/i-love-jobsdb/Santa-complete-sentence-form.html. We're not asking for much. Just a sentence and you will already award yourself a chance to win an exclusive planner.

Phase two of What's your dream job? is still on going. Just saying in case you're feeling pretty generous towards us today.

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