Friday, December 17, 2010

December treats... (Singapore jobs and more)

Experts may have a habit of describing career as a shark infested water, but if the lottery can be won, then so is this realm of life. Career building and job hunting can get as tricky as a labyrinth, yes, but as we repeatedly say throughout Jobs in Singapore, confidence is all it takes to prosper. You only have to remind yourself of that and you'll find your motivation renewed in no time.

Don't just walk away from your insecurities, run! There's a reason why seminars on personal development are offered by Career Events and It's for your information that projection is an important factor as well in building a career or looking for a job.

So, what does that (*cough* intellectual *cough*) rant have to do with Singapore Jobs? We're just trying to give advice... Remember our rule? There's no need to prove that this question about job hunting knows no season. You should have seen this one coming. Now, do you still feel betrayed?

Don't be. Hopefully, we can ward that feeling off with these beats we've researched for today's edition (seriously, we should start giving our updates numbers...edition numbers). Anyway, we've been researching since the start of this week; surely -- we're going to risk sounding very cocky here -- you'll feel really motivated by the time you reach the end.

Yes, we know...Christmas is just around the corner and many of you may have already suspended your job hunting to celebrate the yuletide season. But we're not planning on stopping the updates anytime soon if only because of the fact that the job market is never at rest and as indirect messengers of it, we should do the same. So to speak, we should repress the urge of taking a break for as long as we can for the sake of our readers. Even if you say to our faces that no one's watching our show anymore, nothing will change on our execution and we'll deliver our tasks like normal.

So...our findings, yes?

The services sector has produced the most jobs in the third quarter of 2010, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Manpower. But can we expect Singapore education jobs, finance jobs, communications jobs, health care jobs, utilities jobs, wholesale jobs and retail jobs, and transportation jobs to promise the same stability in 2011? To us, yes.

The tourism sector, particularly, has been in the spotlight since early this year and based on what we've read from our favourite news sources, it seems that nothing will change in 2011. Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands will keep on attracting many tourists to visit Singapore in 2011, according to experts....which means there will be enough jobs in hospitality for everyone next year.

The Singapore Tourism Board is expecting to tap technology to boost tourism in the quarters to come. So, we guess, this will make it jobs in Singapore more in demand?

Retailing has seen growth this year as well. Experts are expecting more from it in 2011 so it can safely be assumed that retail jobs will remain competitive. If this is your field of choice, there's a strong assurance that you won't be having any problems with your job search, needless to say.

We've found Research and Development in the buzz too, echoing a recent release of findings by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star). Something new for job seekers of Singapore sciences jobs, research jobs and R&D jobs.

Prospects can be found in our database. So...

Oddly enough, we have no new non-career announcements to make today. Just allow us to use the space to remind you of our ongoing marketing pursuits.

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