Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning opportunities. Spice up your December.

Christmas is just around the corner! We're excited, needless to say. Christmas is so special a holiday that it inspires us to do great things. We're not here to discuss what Christmas means to us though, so don't stop reading. We just want to let you know that we're not taking a break just yet for your learning and development. has a couple of special seminars coming up.

Aside from what's pictured on the left, Effective Technical Writing Skills is set to be held tomorrow already. If 'improve in writing' is in your resolutions list for 2011, you definitely shouldn't miss joining Sandra Sandu-Reeves on this. For a price of S$330 (with course materials, light refreshments and lunch to be provided), attending is going to be a worthy investment for your career. Payment is to be made before the commencement of the workshop, so you can still sign up at

The day after that, we'll be giving way to Shannon Colly's Microsoft Office Productivity Buffet. This is a unique, first-of-its-kind workshop that will take you on an excellent Microsoft Office journey. If you're planning to request for advancement opportunities from your boss next year, this is a must attend. Same goes for job seekers of office jobs like Admin Jobs, IT Jobs, Banking Jobs, Secretary Jobs, Receptionist Jobs, and Call Center Jobs in Singapore. SOP for payment is the same as above, so you can still sign up at

George Goh is going to have his last seminar for 2010 via The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone this coming Friday. Career professionals in the industries of sales and call center and job seekers of Customer Service Jobs and Sales Jobs in general shouldn't just let this chance to pass. Again, same SOP for payment, so please sign up now before it's already too late at

Our Microsoft Office courses and Adobe courses will go until December 22. If you're interested, please visit for the complete schedule.

So to speak, this will serve as a reminder to you if you've signed up to attend one or two from the roster or a last minute promotion if you haven't.

December is not really a busy month for us when it comes to career workshops and training opportunities (that we admit to), but wait until January of next year comes.'s 2011 training calendar is still being polished, but it's something to be really excited for, so stick with us until its grand unveiling. Career Events, on the other hand, has already finalised the seminars it'll be offering for the first quarter of next year.

At the forefront of all the plans is Unleash Your Image Power Through Dressing and Etiquette with Audrey Quek. In today's work world where impressions matter, this 3-hour seminar is a must attend for those looking to advance in their careers.

February will be about establishing rapport as well for Career Events. Present with Confidence with Jenson Siaw will teach you the fundamentals of being an engaging presenter, skills you'll definitely find useful when you put to action your career plans.

Think it's still too early to enlist your attendance? First 10 sign-ups will receive complimentary Flower Advisor vouchers and this applies for both seminars. So sign up now at

For March, well, think of this as a late Christmas gift from us. We're sprucing up Career Expo 2011 with career talks from career experts. The topics we're eying include resume writing, job interviewing, and writing cover letters that sizzle, but no names are final yet. The dates for the Singapore job fair and location are already set, though. So you can already mark your calendar with assurance.

Some note: Complaints could have defined our whole week last week, had we mentioned this last December 6 instead of today.There we said it. We suppose, today's late enough to warrant its mentioning. Or is it not?

BTW, how is your job hunting going? Did it go well last weekend? We're hoping that the latest edition has helped you in some way. If not, please consider browsing Find Jobs for Engineer Jobs, Insurance Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, and Accountant Jobs in Singapore today. Allow us to make up for it.

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