Friday, December 10, 2010

December stuff... jobs to consider applying for and contests to join.

"How's the job market?" It's a question we're often asked by job seekers and career builders. Our obsession on resume writing, job interviewing, and career building aside, we've grown to endear the tackiness of the job market as well like no one would believe.

Our guess is that it's probably because the news has been positive in describing the employment plane since the start of this year. And we won't argue because our parent website's database, Find Jobs, has done the same thing. With it being a good reference to the job market and all, you know... It's a claim we've been proving to be true since ages on this blog.

We've been giving you job prospects and industry news since early November. You should know, if you've been following this blog for quite some time now. And while reporting in behalf of Singapore's job market isn't exactly easy, we find it really satisfying to do and so we'll carry on until we ran out out of resources.

In line with the goal we've just recently imposed onto ourselves, we promise to make today more exciting than ever. We've got nothing to complain about, in the first place. Many of you guys, after all, are fond of this little tradition.

We've been researching since Monday for this edition of Singapore Jobs update; surely, you'll find this really helpful for your job search. Not that we're being's just that we're very excited. Singapore has never been this gallant. Aside from Jobs in Singapore, we've got new contest with great prizes to share. You have to understand or else...or else, nevermind.

There's been reports on slower economic growth in 2011, which will affect the job market indefinitely, but it's sustainable, according to NTUC and SNEF. So, there's no need to worry about getting caught up in vain with your job search, come next year. Rushing is a mistake.

No specific industries have been cited with positivism by our favourite news sources this week, but, we're sure that our staples of IT Jobs, Admin Jobs, HR Jobs, Engineer Jobs, Sales Jobs, and Banking Jobs in Singapore will not cause a headache to our job seeker members. So, yes...

There's extra assurance in the Accounting Jobs and Finance Jobs in Singapore parts. Darryl Wee, Country Head of ACCA has shared with News Watch his organisation's latest findings about the finance profession. Of course, it's good. Read and find how much motivating the changes can be for accounting professionals.

Then, there are also the integrated resorts, which has put Hospitality Jobs in the limelight since they opened early this year. Singapore Hotel Jobs, Casino Jobs, Travel Jobs and Tourism Jobs are to stay strong, so to speak. Restaurant Jobs and Food Jobs in particular are booming, we've read from The straights Times.

Another industry that's promising good things for next year is insurance. According to a report from Hays that they've shared with News Watch, many insurers are now looking for underwriters and agents. Underwriter Jobs and Insurance Agent Jobs, anyone?

Now, the announcements! Because December is the month of giving...

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