Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year cheers, job updates, career advice, and news on career fairs all rolled into one

As we've heartily revealed previously, in line with the fact that impressions and judgments are a part of the work world, personal branding is something one should effort on in order to achieve success. This is just one of the many things in our to-do list for a successful job hunt, however.

Defining who you are as a job seeker and finding the right employers are two separate things, you see. And it's for this reason that we effort on providing you updates on Singapore jobs and industry news, never mind that the task requires excessive preparation on our parts.

So, are we asking for thanks? Not really. Merely explaining how important it is to keep up with the news (and visit every Friday). We're not the most systematic of Singaporeans, but really, our idea of a job search that's good is that which follows a clear defining point. Something that can only be achieved through personal branding and applying only to job ads you're qualified for.

We promise to make this brief, so you won't have to suspend your merrymaking for so long. We've been making updates since late October. Now, do you trust that our updates are worth reading? Worth the time reading, we mean? It's not like we get our reports from nowhere and dress up crap to look like relevant news.

Anyway, we're serious about making this short, but comprehensive. So, shall we begin with the discussion?

The spotlight still belongs to those we've mentioned in the last edition (really, we should start giving them numbers soon) and so, nothing's new, although we have to admit that hospitality jobs are slightly more promising. With the tourism sector on boom (Surely, Marina Bay Sands organising a big New Year party accounts for something), we're seeing a stable influx of hotel jobs, food jobs, restaurant jobs, travel jobs, and casino jobs in the first quarter of next year, and most probably until the next.

There's our database to get your engines running again...don't forget. We're expecting Singapore accounting jobs, banking jobs, IT jobs, admin jobs, insurance jobs, and engineering jobs to remain in their places in our top jobs list next year, so what better way to motivate yourself than to bookmark Find Jobs?

We're extending our promotions for the CPA Australia Career Expo 2011, happening on January 22. Register now to 'get noticed, get connected, and get ahead'.

Speaking of Singapore job fairs...our editors are really working hard so that Career Expo 2011 will become a blast. With tons of job opportunities and career seminars expected to highlight the fair, it's definitely worth attending. And because it's worth it, we're re-posting the shiny icon:

Will you give us more time so we can promote again our ongoing contests? We're still giving away exclusive planners! Complete "I love because..." and stand a chance to win one. Also, you still have two days to try your luck at's WRITE, EAT, & SHOP contest.

Until next year! Let us all celebrate the New Year with flying colors. We'll talk you guys again on January. Singapore
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