Friday, December 3, 2010

Singapore Jobs.

Writing is not an easy task. Much more so if you're into the complicated realm of career. We know very well how complicated the job can get. We understand why career writers are described as different by most people, because we're career writers ourselves and we also suffer from weird tendencies. Having written for this blog for many months now and counting, we just know all these things...

The rants...of course, we're still very much capable of self control. But really, it's complicated. We've been answering career questions for as long as we can remember; ranting has already become a part of us. Something that's difficult to hush down, given that it's our primary way of coping with the stress that comes with the job.

But what's important is we try. We try to answer to your requests of professionalism. Are you satisfied with our explanation?

Wait, you don't have to answer that now. Today's reserved for updates on Singapore Jobs, not our personal issues. But really, we'll try some more. In the meantime, just cope.

Now, off to the REAL topic at hand. About Jobs in Singapore, yes?

Our updates have been inadequate these past few months. That, we admit to. Actually, what we're waiting for is the release of Hays Singapore's quarterly report for the period of October to December. In case you haven't noticed yet, our editors have just published a copy of said report on News Watch. It's going to be the heart of today's discussion, hence our uncharacteristic excitement.

But first, allow us to lay out what we've found out from our favourite news sources, the results of our vigorous research for this edition. We have to say that they're very in line with Hays' latest findings about the Singapore job market.

Let's start off the discussion with something really good. We've read that employment is at its highest level since 1991. More women and older workers are joining the workforce and salary levels have risen too.

In line with that...

The manufacturing sector is rebounding well from the cutback it has experienced last quarter. The news reports we've read make it seem that there will be a stable increase of Manufacturing Jobs in the coming months, particularly electronics related. We dare say, job hunters of Production Jobs, Printing Jobs, ISO Jobs, Garment Jobs, and QA Jobs don't have to worry about staying in a rut for more months.

Something good is going to happen in the public service sector, come 2011. The new re-employment guidelines will already be implemented in July 2011, something that will give public service professionals opportunity to work up to age 65 years in the first instance and later, up to 667 as long as they meet the criteria shared.

Now, off to Hays' findings. Hiring activities in many sectors are back to being high, with the industries of Accounting, Banking, Construction, IT, Pharma, Property, Oil & Gas, Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain at the forefront, covering both permanent positions and temp jobs. Job seekers of Accountant Jobs, Finance Jobs, Bank Jobs, Pharmaceutical Jobs, Property Jobs, Sales Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Supply Chain Jobs, and IT Jobs in Singapore are in for a very productive job search this quarter really, particularly those with experience.

Some specific positions are more in demand than others for each sector, we want you to take note. For instance, job seekers of Private Banking Jobs may experience more ease with their lookout for a career than their counterparts in fund management or taxation work. That's because many major players have announced growth and development plans in this sector. Check out the report at for the complete prospects.

Of course, an edition will not be complete without our undying announcements.

Alongside the quarterly report, this has also been published on News Watch. Something about work life balance.... The results of a recent survey by Hays regarding the topic. What do majority of working professionals here think of stress management and living a balanced work and life? Find out at

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