Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's talk about career dreaming.

There's no law against presenting career tips creatively. It's just that we prefer to converse straightforwardly, if only because 'similes or metaphors can only confuse the thought'. Don't think that we're saying these things to escape goat, though. Believe that we find this curious as well. It's interesting that although we've been writers of career since a long time ago, we're still afraid to experiment with writing styles.

Heck, we just don't want you to commit mistakes. You know very well that in career building, there's no time to spare.

But why this confession? Remember Engage? We've been reading entries from the website since yesterday afternoon. It's really amazing how creative people can get in expressing things. Needless to say, we feel inclined to jump on the bandwagon. Dare we call ourselves pros of writing (and employees of the website) if we don't.

As we repeatedly say throughout Jobs in Singapore, we're all for our reader's satisfaction, and so well, you probably get the drift. It's been so long since we last took a breather on this blog, anyway. It's as if everyone has been shouting at us to loosen up all along yet...yet. Tragic, but don't worry, we're continuously findings ways to get rid of that behaviour. It's also in our new years' resolution, FYI.

Now, back to Engage... If you haven't seen the website, we're pretty sure you're wondering about this. So far, what we can report is that many career professionals in Singapore are fun seekers. Aviation Job, Event Planner Job, Fashion Designer Job, Hospitality Job, and Writing Job are some of the most cited Singapore Jobs. We're not yet through browsing the library, but rest assured, we'll update this list as soon as we do.

Cool, right? It turns out a lot of our assumptions are correct. We didn't know we could fortune tell. No seriously...perhaps the ability to predict is natural to writers like ourselves? Now we're thinking of dropping our dream of functioning in a Hotel Manager Job to shift to an Entertainment Job. Why not? The latter pays well too, right?

And no, we're not making you feel ashamed if yours is not in the library (or if you've found out about this contest just now and can't relate to our blabs in the earlier paragraphs). In fact, if you really haven't visited Engage (or browsed for quite a while) this will be a good news to you.

Do you know that What's your dream job? hasn't really ended but rather, just entered a new phase? That's right; our editors extended the contest...well, sort of. Write in to and win $50 if your write-up gets featured as a winning piece! It's not everyday that Singapore gives away a prize this big. Make sure to give it all you've got!

So... Engage in this online contest. Interact and get motivated for your career building and job hunting! Here's a rare chance for you to make money out of your career dreams!

But wait, before you prepare your entry (and thus, leave our website), we'd like to discuss with you something. To the serious stuff, off we go. Are you willing to work things out so you can be qualified to function in your dream career? Turning a dream into reality is a feat, our friends.

Don't be discouraged to achieve your career success! Career may be tricky, but to progress is not an impossibility. Given confidence in oneself and willingness to 'work things out', you'll be surprised that making the first move is not so hard at all. Plus, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Do you see your dream job at Well, do we have to incline you to bookmark that page? We say...

Join My JobsDB and watch it closely. No to applying just for the sake of applying, though.

You call your dream career a dream because you're not yet qualified for that position. Naturally, it's imperative that you attend training opportunities and career seminars...those in relation to the dream. No problem because Career Events and are never at rest...because we care about your learning. Singapore
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