Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classic tips.

Having moderated this blog since late 2009, we're no longer afraid of career questions -- any kind -- thrown at us. In fact, we beg for inquiries -- we're close to declaring "Use the comments section below" as our official catchphrase, really. We've used the phrase countless time and we're very grateful to those who listen every time we have it written in a post. One last message: we hope your patience is long enough still to handle reading it more.

So, why are we talking about questions? A recent upload by our editors at reminded us of our past exploits. The article touches on our favourite career topics -- those that we've grown to love over the months that we've moderated this blog and catered to its loyal readers. Some of them (Really, our experience with inquiries is too vast, we can't post everything here without getting past the average blogging limits):

Keep up with learning opportunities. Relevance is an important factor in career development; lose it and you'll find yourself on a slump.

You must improve your networking skills for two reasons: to get career advice and have people to ask for job prospects in case of job loss.

Work life balance is a KEY word when it comes to achieving career success. Don't get yourself too worked out; make sure you still have fun. Earning good doesn't have to be a tight grip in the neck.

What is this article we're talking about? Judy Worrell and Brian Ward's Top Ten Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Work Life at is a must read for those seeking career advancement. The tips?

  • Have a personal vision.
  • Test out your own personal vision with that of your organisation's.
  • Learn, and keep on learning.
  • Buddy-up.
  • Share your successes.
  • Get it off your chest.
  • Find joy in being of service to others.
  • Take time for breaks.
  • Try out new ideas.
  • Have fun at work.
In a rut and don't know what to do? These tips will serve as your guide to better plains. Related articles:

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