Thursday, May 26, 2011

Over-50 employment?

We're afraid. Looking back at the things we've shared to you these past few days, we don't know if going back to our old, (better) writer-selves is still possible. We're uncertain of the future and very scared of losing all of you, our beloved readers. Common knowledge: You cannot call yourself a writer unless you actually have people who read or at the very least, look forward to your outputs. What's going to happen to us given the utter incompetence we've displayed?

What's up with the negativity? Meh, we just woke up like this. Perhaps, it's just a side-effect of writer's block. Okay, we don't entirely believe in writer's block and its "supposed" effects to career professionals with writing jobs, but this slump is just too hard to counter. Maybe your feedback can help us brace through the storm; we're expecting to receive your comments and suggestions later, okay?

Got you there? It's almost Friday, anyway; the laissez faire mood is sort of warranted. But of course, it's our responsibility to make sense all the time, no matter the career topic at hand, so you don't have to worry about our welfare (or career in general). And contrary to what's probably on your mind, we're aware we've already let out too many jokes since we started writing. We'll start with the real thing now...

Really, there's not much to expect. Today's schedule is just like the usual, something to do with good career articles at that deserves constant promotions because they're "that" helpful. You know, the usual. Yesterday, we talked about asking questions in relation to job hunting and career building. Today, everything will be devoted to... to senior or over-50 employment. You'd also be able to pinpoint these from our editors' roster of articles:

How to stay productive regardless of age at
Author: Mr. Ong Teong Wan, Consulting Partner for Corporate Training at SIM and Honorary Advisor to STADA on Professional Development

Being debt-free at the final phase of one’s career or occupation does not necessarily mean just doing no work and enjoying full-time leisure with friends and family and playing and ferrying grandchildren (who will grow up soon and may not need you as frequently). This is active aging. I would go for effective aging. We can do less work instead of no work, balance it with relaxation, leisure pursuits, helping others in dire need of assistance or contribute to the community to make it better.

Is There Employment After 50? at
Author: Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, GLOBAL EQ.

Flexibility, an EQ competency, will come in handy. The more flexible you can be in your thinking, the more options you'll have. One retired military officer I knew, started volunteering at a homeless shelter, and then when the job of director came up, they already knew and trusted him, and he was hired.

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