Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interact at campus.sg.jobsdb.com and have fun!

Every time we get the chance, we make it a point to boast for JobsDB Campus. And it's not because we're naturally brash (you see, we admit to our flaws). Through the years, this section of sg.jobsdb.com has embraced many changes, simultaneous with the updating of its database at sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/NewAdvanceSearch. Its resilience is already something to be proud of, but there's more.

When we first saw it, Campus was not as interactive, lively and busy as it is today. It's recent incarnation, we can confidently declare, is the best it has ever been. We figure it's about time we give the revamped campus.sg.jobsdb.com a proper feature on this blog (But of course, don't expect too much from us. We're bloggers inflicted with the short attention span disease and we know it). Nevertheless, are you ready ?

By enlisting the help of 6 young bloggers, our editors assured that Campus' needs when it comes to updates would always be taken care of. And they're looking to add more dynamic people into the family. If you're interested, hurry and send your CV with a recent photograph attached and a sample piece of writing to editorial@jobsdb.com.sg!

Indeed, embracing a blog format has helped improve Campus' image as a webpage for students and those looking for fresh grad jobs. Now perceived as a fun club to meet new web buddies, Campus has an improved mailing list application that will never fail to connect you to new career prospects and training opportunities (via tie-ups with Career Events and LearningDB.com) -- those statements are said with conviction and we're confident we won't mess up.

If you haven't visited Campus since late 2010, do so now. You're missing on a new fad.

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