Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newsflash! Newsflash!

There have been newspaper reports that scam artists posing as recruiters of top companies have come out to strike terror. According to these reports, the modus operandi is promising victims a sure job interview in exchange money...large sums of.

It goes without saying we're concerned. If you're currently job hunting, think hard before you sign anything. It's kind of tricky if you ask us; the fact that not all job offers from "nowhere" are scams cannot be discounted. "Seize every opportunity" happens to be one of those few colloquialisms we're fond of and we admit to feeling disheartened after hearing this news.

But well, in this day and age, it pays to take precautions when deciding for any situation, right? What to do now, then? Here's our advice: trust your gut feeling. Is it too good to be true? If yes, it may be a yes, to ignore its promises may be the "better choice".

Although we sound unsure, that's really the stand we've come up with after a day of thinking about the whole issue. Having maintained this writing job for almost two years, we just know: Job hunters are eager. And it saddens us that people with skewed perceptions of right and wrong would take advantage of this eagerness just to earn cash.

The warnings have been shared and we can now relax. This is why it pays to read the news -- something we've been telling you to do since our newbie days as moderators to this blog. Job hunting or not, you should make it a habit to visit our country's most trusted news deliverers and of course, News Watch at This is not just to get the latest career opportunities out there, but also, as proven by this whole fiasco, to stay safe and sane.

Did we make you feel down? Admittedly, this fiasco is rather depressing, so we'll leave you with these inspiring stories, courtesy of our former JobsDB Inspiring stories contest:

K K Low

John Tan


Lai Leng Lam

Gerald Ho

Gloria Lim

Suvarna S.

Okay. We think we're done for today. But before we truly adjourn today's meeting, we want to inform those waiting for the results of the Inspiring Working Mothers contest that as of this minute, we're still waiting for updates from our editors. Be assured that we'll write about the winning entries as soon as they are announced. You can count on us!

As for why has been down for two days know that the website's about to have a facelift, right? We'll have our editors advice us regarding that, but for now, be assured that Network for Success is going to push through. Haha. Did we get you? Singapore
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