Monday, May 23, 2011, this blog, and social networking.

Apart from our quirkiness, we seem to have already lost our control-freakishness as well due to entering grad school. That is, we don't know how to keep (or honor) a schedule anymore. Haven't you noticed? Our working schedule for this blog -- the one indicating that we're supposed to write about and Career Events every Monday and make updates on Singapore jobs every Friday -- is no longer here. It's a pity, but well, perhaps it's really true that even the most industrious of career professionals can get cracked up by unbelievable amounts of stress. Boy, it's been weeks since we last followed up our "most common working misconceptions" series too. And classes will start again this weekend, so we might as well drop the idea. You get it; this post is to announce THIS plan.

Though, that doesn't mean you won't be receiving updates on learning opportunities and career seminars from us anymore, plus job updates. We'll still write about them, but there are no more specific dates as to when these posts will appear on the blog. Well, in a twisted sort of way, that's a good thing -- you won't have to wait for your favourite topics to be featured again. But where's the assurance that we won't forget about them altogether? Here. Rest assured, you'll still receive your regular dose of updates on Singapore jobs and food for your learning and development needs.

There. We've ranted enough for today. Now off to the second part of the agenda which is, the featuring of some of the latest additions at (to be followed up -- supposedly -- on Wednesday). If you've been to the website lately, you should know that our editors have already posted the latest press release from Kelly Services RE social networking and job seekers under News Watch. It's a good read at especially for job seekers who are into social networking too. Make sure you read it and don't hesitate to share us your thoughts via the comments section below.

Our database gets updated in a perpetual manner, so why are we talking about it here? Nothing. It deserves occasional promotions over here and we haven't featured it in a long while; you do the math. So yes, go to for the latest Singapore jobs.

And don't forget Network for Succcess at!

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