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"Newground" yet relevant.

Career Advice is not your average source of career-related information -- this section of also offers "novelty" career articles. But of course, their newness doesn't compromise their relevancy -- we just have to clear that out.

For today's discussion, we've resolved to feature five of such articles. If you're an avid visitor of, you've probably already read these. Still, show us support. We know you like reading us...we know you do. So, are you pen and notepad ready to keep up with the discussion?

10 Funniest Interview Questions
Section: Career Development/ Job Hunting Tips

Many things happen during job interviews -- from mistaking the hiring company for another to fidgeting like crazy. This is the reason why career articles about the "funny" side of this job hunting affair have been created;'s 10 Funniest Interview Questions at is one good read.

It pays to expect the unexpected during a job interview, so study these.

Article Highlight:

The top 10 funniest questions reported by members are:

* "Will your girlfriend give you strife if we send you on a business trip to Bangkok for two years?"
* "Working here is a lot like being on LSD. Know what I mean?"
* "Come in. Sit down. Would you like some sushi?"

How to fall in love with your job all over again
Author: Patricia Fripp, CSP
Section: Career Development

One thing we've learned with this job of writing about career topics: job satisfaction is everything. For a person, losing it often leads to looking into the prospect of resigning. This article at is an interesting take on the topic.

Article Highlight:
In jobs, as in love, it's very important for the pendulum to swing back.You need to work to regain the exhilaration of the first stage. Such excitement is essential to a fulfilling life.

Fully Alive from 9 to 5!
Author: Louise LeBrun
Section: Balancing Work

Everyday motivation is another issue. Lack of challenge can prove to be bad for a person's job satisfaction. This article by Louise at will open your eyes to this issue and perhaps, make you immune to it too.

Article Highlight:
Work is nothing but personal, given that the only thing going on at work is people -- like you and me -- interacting with each other. And people are very personal. The perception that work is public and professional prevents us from achieving what we are looking for. Our perception must change first, then the rest will follow.

Writing cover letters that sizzle
Author: Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC
Section: Cover Letters

How can a cover letter sizzle? This article at will teach you the tips and tricks.

Article Highlight:
There are many ways to say things but, as you can see, some words have a stronger impact on readers than others. In cover letters, e-resumes, and traditional resumes, you can change the reader's perception in a heartbeat by substituting various words or phrases for more traditional (and outdated) verbiage.

5 Ways To Beat The Monday Blahs
Author: Beverly Beuermann-King, Work Smart Live Smarts
Section: Career Development

This article at is a personal favourite! You know why... you should know why.

Article Highlight:
By finding ways to take care of ourselves and to balance our time away from work we can turn the blahs into feelings of being refreshed and energized.

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