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Success lessons from business people.

Entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, but it's a career path that we admire. Having said that, we think we know what's on your mind now. Perhaps you're confused. Why are we talking about businesses? What's up? Don't we have anything better to write about today?

It's better to leave the product speak for itself...perhaps. But really, don't you think that business-mindedness is a great talent? Don't you adore entrepreneurs and their ideas for career success?

To say that it's risky to start a business out of scratch is a gross understatement. Unless you have connections, there is no assurance that your capital will be returned. And that's why we adore entrepreneurs: they have guts. In these writers' opinions, no one can compete with them in that department.

Career Advice has a couple of articles featuring business people for this reason. We want job hunters of Singapore jobs to take inspiration from them when it comes to guts. These articles are the best in the roster:

A Hunger For Success at
Advice from Charles Chen, winner of the Successful Entrepreneur Awards 2010:

1. Keep on learning
2. Keep an open mind
3. Be willing to try new things
4. Don't be afraid of hardship
5. Cultivate a keen sense of foresight

Shazlan Sufian at
Advice from a young entrepreneur:
I can afford to do other types of businesses/ventures later. But for now my focus is very laser sharp on what I am doing now to ensure its success i.e. one step at a time

The Entrepreneur Mindset at
Advice from Wendy Kwek, founder of Executive Directions Pte Ltd

An employee that works in the best interest of the company will be able to think of ways to help the company grow, and this is how they can behave like an entrepreneur. Basically, it's about making yourself more valuable to the company. An employee who performs well in a company is one who is willing to take on more than what they are supposed to do - to go the extra mile to help the company succeed.

INSPIRING CAREERS: Beauty Queen Mum at
Advice from Audrey Quek, founder of Audrey Quek Image Consultancy, and winner of Junction 8’s Most Beautiful Mum contest 2007
Ultimately, I believe that it’s all about how you project yourself, and having that inner confidence. It’s also about the ABC factor – Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

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