Monday, May 30, 2011

Maximize your free time at work.

Okay so, even though you may be the sales manager in your workplace or a holder of any top executive position, it is not that work is at its fullest every single day and will keep you busy from 9 to 5. Whether you have an admin job or engineer job (any position, really and regardless of level), you have had light days, right? We mean, days when you have found yourself browsing unnecessary websites or texting your friends casual messages just to kill time?

We, the moderators of this blog, are obsessed about everything that our followers do in relation to advancing their careers. So, we also think that it is our business to suggest how you can spend light days at work properly the next time you actually have them.

However, do not get the idea that we are against casual web browsing as an activity during such idle (and ideal--to some, please don't kill us) times in the workplace. Think about it -- it may be that you can do some things in advance, thus giving yourself more free days in the future? So, it's all about knowing your priorities, our friends.

If you've browsed Career Advice at before, you probably already know what inspired this post. Yes, it's this article by Scott Boyd, Founder of about Maximizing your free time at work at

Perhaps, you have a pending "long-term" task. See if you can accomplish some parts of it now?

If it's really a free day, Scott has given these suggestions, but not without warning first those with permanent positions to be discrete. The light touch of humor is also a defining trait of this article.

* Surf the Internet! Find jobs, training courses, discussion forums, etc.
* Work on your CV - update it.
* Print / photocopy your CV.
* Type up covering letters.
* Email your CV to recruitment agencies.
* Check out industry news.

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