Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beating the competition.

In the Singapore job market (and most, if not all, other employment planes), three issues concerning job seekers can be identified: age, gender and race. Making up controversies aside, this is something we've observed throughout the months that we've moderated this blog and http://www.facebook.com/jobsdb.com.sg. Common reactions from expats: it's hard to look for job ads that are open to non-PR/Singaporean. On the other hand, mature workers are concerned if there is still room for them to advance their careers.

The Singapore job market has always been tough; it all boils down to this simple advice: "Face up the competition."

Ruby Chen, now Executive Director of DBM Singapore, has shared to our editors the same piece of advice once. Her article at http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/Face%20up%20Competition?ID=661 is addressed to over-50 career professionals, but some of her career tips are applicable to younger workers as well, particularly these bits here:

External networks can also enable you to tap into opportunities if the need or desire to change employment or direction arises.

Career management means making people aware of your achievements while recognising the contribution others may have made to this and the value those achievements have to an organisation.

Be receptive to new ideas; learn from those around you. The moment you feel you have nothing to learn, it is time to get out.

Continue learning about your industry and profession. Consider joining industry peak bodies or associations.

Be candid -- with your direct manager or human resources manager -- about your goals and aspirations for the third phase (pre-retirement) of your career.

The keywords are "networking", "career management", "staying updated", learning opportunities, and "building relationships". And where else can you find good articles about these career pursuits but at http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex?