Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday musings.

Whatever happened to our quirkiness? Okay. We admit to the fact that we're losing our touch of humor, but here's the thing: we need your feedback in order to remain on the web. It's just like fuel. As much as we need food to survive, this blog needs your feedback so that it can keep on producing career articles. You should have noticed this by now: the quality of our outputs is largely dependent on whether or not we've received comments for yesterday's post over night. There we said it. Your comments are our salary for this writing job; receiving nothing is like a pro bono assignment with little to no job satisfaction.

Somehow that doesn't sound right. We're still very much sane, thank you very much. But here's the kicker: we need to hear from you back. Are we doing okay? Are we losing our relevance that you don't get inclined to comment back anymore?

The reason for these self-loathing? We expected to receive comments from you yesterday, given the chosen topic's timeliness. Was it because we failed to word our stand properly? Did we play it too safe?

Okay, enough with that. We don't want to sound like professional ranters here and well, it feels like we've already delivered everything that needs delivering anyway. We're shifting to the real topic in our schedule now. What is it? Oh, nothing special, just more interpretations and whatnot concerning the headlines we've read these past few days. It's Friday today, anyway, so let it go...

  • This from DBS Chairman Peter Seah has shared a quotable quote for an article that we want job hunters to keep as a motivator:
"Failures and setbacks are opportunities where you learn to do things better, where you toughen up."

Competition in the Singapore jobs market may be tough, but learn from every rejection you get and you'll see improvements in your job search in no time.

  • To brighten up the mood: news that Singapore economy is expected to grow for 2011 is all over the web. The services industry is the one cited go along with this forecast, so:

Manufacturing jobs
Finance Jobs
Biomedical Jobs
Hospitality Jobs

  • This one's more of a trivia news: Are you part of the majority of job hunters today?

What majority? According to a recent survey by Kelly Services, more job hunters (specifically, more than one-in-five people) are using social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to find job opportunities. Since you're reading these words, we're assuming that you are.

The positive side of going online to look for job prospects is that it's much more convenient -- that's a no-brainer. But there's a possible fallout, mind you; sharing too much may affect your personal brand. So it is best to go in the middle (no matter how you interpret that advice) or simply read this contribution from a social media expert:

Hop Studios : Web Design, Blogging Tips & Career

Enjoy your weekend. Talk with you guys again on Monday!

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