Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After a merger...

It has been forecasted many times: Mergers and acquisitions will increase over the coming years. More and more Singapore employers are starting to believe in the potential of such corporate moves, but do you know what to do with your career development if ever your company decides to undergo either of the two?

It's common knowledge that corporate culture affects the overall quality of your work life or how you do your job. Since a merger will result to an entirely new corporate environment, it's important that you design coping plans.

The question now is HOW? Don't worry because Career Advice has articles from experts about adjusting to a new corporate culture after a merger. It's a shame that we haven't featured these articles over here ever before, proving just how problematic our prioritizing skills really are. But yes, here's their long-overdue debut at

How to adjust to a new corporate culture after a merger? at
Author: Ruby Chen
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Learn how information is exchanged and adopt the same methods in your own approach. Each company communicates in different ways. For example, one company may have a stronger emphasis on face-to-face or are heavy e-mailers. If you are unsure, schedule meetings with key stakeholders to get an understanding of each other's working habits and preferences.

Keep Your Career On Track Following A Merger at
Author: Hays Singapore
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Your workplace is not the same. Accept this fact and use every opportunity to get to know the new company and the way they want things done. Act as you would when you first start a new job - dress professionally, act professionally and communicate professionally. Aim to impress.

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