Friday, June 3, 2011

Of lists and hospitality jobs.

Lists. People like them. And for reasons you probably already know, we have a problem with that. See, we haven't quite figured out how to improve our writing skills when it comes to lists yet. We admit to being wordy, and well, you know what they say...old habits die hard. But here's one thing we can assure you: We're striving to improve...we never stop in our search for ways to get better on this aspect. Once we're confident enough, you'll see.

In the meantime, get your fix from Career Advice. We told you yesterday: this section at is also filled with lists from career experts. In fact, we featured the best ones in the post below this one. If you're not yet done studying that list, do so asap.

And when you're finished with that, check this article at out. We regret that we failed to include Judy Worrell and Brian Ward's Top Ten Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Work Life in yesterday's list, so allow us to make "proper" promotions for it now.

The list is basically for career professionals who are experiencing problems. But what makes it so noteworthy is that the tips "apply as much to the CEO as they do to the front line worker". Here's a snippet:

Learn, and keep on learning - go to training sessions and in-services, enroll in college courses, read books. Know why, not just how.

Guess we're done with lists for today. But you're not free to go yet; we still have good news to share (though, if you're an avid news reader like us you probably won't find this surprising at all).

From 3.12m tourists visited Singapore in Q1. It is safe to expect the hospitality industry to prosper some more and generate hotel jobs, IR jobs, travel jobs, and tourism jobs. You already know why that's a good thing, right?