Thursday, June 23, 2011

The behavioural interviewing method.

Do you have a job interview coming up but don't know how to prepare for it? Fret not. Although we haven't written about interview techniques in a long while, Career Advice has kept our knowledge on this topic pretty sharp.

It starts with knowing that there are two types of interview questions. Afterwards, things will become easier to deal with. Knowing the difference between traditional questions and behavioural questions will help you to overcome the fear of sounding uninteresting during the interview. Making an impression is "the goal", right?

Your guess as to what traditional questions are may be correct. These are basic questions and can only only divulge your opinion on certain topics to the interviewer. They are also used to go about most other kinds of interviews, one common example being "how would others describe you?"

Behavioural interviewing questions are the exact opposite, what with the fact that they will give the interviewer an idea as to how you will react to stressful situations and other similar occasions. In other words, your answers to such questions can reveal deeper aspects of your personality if interpreted properly. In case you're wondering, one common example is "how would you if an office ruling that you don't exactly agree to gets enacted?" The interviewer may also ask you to recall a past event and will make follow ups to each of your answers in an effort to probe deeper.

The thing is, the behavioural interview method is gaining popularity because it suits today's job market. How should you prepare for the highly probable throwing of such questions in your next interview?

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Good luck with your interview!

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