Monday, June 27, 2011

Good news for finance/banking professionals!

An hour ago, we sent this message to our followers on Follow us on Twitter!:

Good morning, everyone! Let's start off the week right!

Which makes sense. Could we have tweeted anything else better? It's a Monday, come on! Encouraging people to start off their days positively seems the most plausible route for us. Not that our creative juices have run out, but well, we feel the need to "professionalize" things a bit for once.

Which makes sense...again. Our editors have updated News Watch with press releases from eFinancialCareers and Robert Half. It just doesn't seem fit to be creative in introducing industry news. Given that premise, suspending our knack for humor and sarcasm seems the best way to get the ball rolling for our job seeker and career professional followers this week. Too many "seems"...

Anyway, job seekers of finance jobs and career professionals in the banking industry are the ones who'd benefit the most from reading these press releases. Robert Half's recent observations comprise of all good news in the finance industry. Here are their exact words (because we won't be able to say it any better):

Singapore’s banking and financial services sector continue to experience strong growth in line with the economy, and is leading the way in hiring as organisations expand their staff strength in the front, middle and back-office spaces. SOURCE

According to the findings of a recent survey by eFinancialCareers (which you can read at, on the other hand, the most sought after Asian city for financial professionals seeking oversees experience happens to be Singapore. This just proves how much the Singapore job market has improved since the strike of the last recession.

So, can we interest you with the latest bank jobs and financial services jobs in Singapore? If you're not yet a MyJobsDB member, you know what to do.