Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The recruitment industry in Singapore.

We can't count how many times we've talked about the industries of Banking and Information Technology over here. Accounting Jobs, too. So, where's this element called "variety" that's expected of blogs about career with overconfident moderators? We don't know either. But it's not that we're only concerned about getting clicks (these industries are, after all, always in demand). At least, we've finally realized the mistake. And we're starting the big fix today.

What's for sure is that the fixing won't take a lot of time. After all, there's Industry Focus to guide us every step of the way. Our editors have, so far, managed to fill this section with interviews with career professionals from 28 industries, from Real Estate to Social Services. The part that we've decided to feature for today is Recruitment at Well, it's a doing-good industry too; top companies are becoming cautious in their recruitment activities and preferring to sign in the help of recruiters to get these jobs over with.

Having the knack for people development will make you a good candidate for a recruiter job or HR job. Similarly, achieving success in this field is all about being and communicating properly with people. Reading these interviews will help you strengthen your strategies:

Hays - Specialist Recruitment at
Features interviews with Chris Mead, General Manager of Hays in Singapore; Quennie Yap, Senior Consultant of Hays Banking in Singapore; Irene Triantafyllou, Head of Training & Recruitment of Hays in Asia Pacific

The world of recruitment is exciting as every day you meet and speak with new people and listen to their challenges - either in terms of hiring the right staff or finding that next step in their career. There are constant challenges that you get from that and delivering the best result for our client or candidate ensures a very rewarding career.

Hiring For Success at
Features interview with Audrey Ang, Senior Consultant in the Banking & Finance team at JAC Recruitment

Challenges always exist – such as competition from other recruitment agencies, and job candidates sometimes use different agencies at any one time to help them get employed. So it can be disappointing when we present a candidate to a client, and they say that the candidate has already been presented to them via a different agency.

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