Thursday, June 2, 2011

Career checklists.

This question has been asked a thousand times in the fields of politics, religion, education, science ...well, in every field of inquiry there is, really: "Why complicate things?"

We admit to having this troublesome vice of sensationalizing otherwise simple issues, but well, you know that we HAVE to make sure that everything that gets published on this blog makes sense, right? In other words, the premise we're in is sensitive enough to warrant the extra words that have been spoken.

But we've contemplated on this question many times. And we still do so once in a while, trying to come up with ways we can practice simplicity over here without compromising on quality. We think we've improved, actually: these past few months, the articles we've released are strikingly shorter. And they didn't get sloppy, right? We mean, they're still insightful enough?

It is never easy to write about career building or job hunting; we feel blessed to have Career Advice as our guide to mastering these topics' respective crisscrosses. And the fact that this section at also keeps career articles in the checklist format is a great motivator for us to improve on our "word-limiting" journey. Here are some noteworthy ones:

See...we're trying.