Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resources about office etiquette.

Many are confused about the real definition of office etiquette. What is it about, anyway? And if it doesn't concern pay increase, why is it a hot topic on social networking sites?

Simple answer: Office etiquette has something to do with corporate culture. Remember what we said about it yesterday? That corporate culture affects the overall quality of one's work life or how one does his/her job? That's the point.

We ask you this: Will sitting beside a slacker help to make you more productive or just turn you into another corporate bum? If your seatmate listens to very loud metal music all the time, can this improve your general perceptions on things in relation to your pursuit for career advancement like perhaps, incline you to attend more training seminars?

The answers to those questions are glaringly obvious. That's why consideration must be exercised all the time in offices. Because the office is a social space, while inside its confines, everyone is expected to act appropriately in order to harness productivity.

Not sure how to act? Career Advice happens to keep a good number of articles about office etiquette; you might want to check each of them out. We strongly recommend the following:

Top 10 Ways to Become Someone You Would Respect and Admire at Work at
Author: Gary Alger, Solutions EAP
Article Highlight:

Accept responsibility for your words and actions, especially your mistakes. ("Personal power means never fearing to say you're sorry.")

5 Golden Rules of Good Office Etiquette at
Author: Agnes Koh, Director of Etiquette & Image International
Article Highlight:
We need to conduct ourselves in a professional and genuine manner in the workplace so that our managers, colleagues and clients will respect us. Although working life can be very stressful at times, it's important that we do our best to be in control of our emotions and not get too worked up. This is because showing our anger and venting out our frustration inappropriately in the office leaves a very bad impression and makes everyone feel uncomfortable too.

15 Tips for Thriving in a Cubicle Environment at
Author: Excerpt from What to Do About Personnel Problems and HRnext
Article Highlight:
Recognise that the cube is a public space - don't say anything you don't want everyone to know.
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