Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Resources for FRESH GRADS and STUDENTS.

Just because you're a fresh graduate doesn't mean your job search will automatically last for two or three months and you have no choice but to wait it out. Technically, your chances of winning against experienced candidates are very low, but your strengths -- those you've acquired during college -- can improve this number. If you present your strengths properly in your resume, they can improve your branding as a job seeker and give you better job prospects. That's why resume writing is a very crucial step for you guys.

What strengths? Even a start-up business has strengths. Were you an active student leader? You can claim to have management skills and leadership skills with appropriation, then.

Working as a student will not guarantee a high pay, however it is the experience that matters. --Joanne Chua, JobsDB Campus Interview(11-Jun-10).

Or perhaps, you were a working student? It is a common fact that balancing work and school is taxing. If you present this bit in your resume properly, it will give you an image of a career professional with polished time management skills.

Career articles FROM students and fresh grads FOR students and fresh grads can be accessed at http://campus.sg.jobsdb.com/. It's what JobsDB Campus for anyway. Don't hesitate to interact over there and have fun.

Annie Yap, founder and Managing Director of AYP Associates has shared with http://sg.jobsdb.com three tips for seekers of fresh graduate jobs. Our editors has it available for reading at http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/JobsDB%20Campus?ID=327. Nevertheless, the reason why we're featuring this here is to balance things out -- we've focused on the technical aspect of resume writing too much, admittedly.

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